A good day should always start with a nice cup of freshly made coffee and a selection of fine music albums that will awaken you and get the mind gears working to the full extend. To me, this usually does not mean putting on the radio and listening to casual music but getting right into the deep corners of blackest of the blackest stuff. In today’s morning ritual, I am going to share a 3-way premiere along with free downloads!

Morte Incandescente

If you haven’t pinned Portugal in order to get yourself reminded to get back every once in a while to check for new releases in that particular area, you really should! Morte Incandescente is yet another quality band that makes it worth to pay close attention to the Portuguese extreme metal scene. Having cried out for the first time back in 2003, Morte Incandescente have produced a number of releases and the one that drew my attention and sparkled enormous curiosity is their upcoming album “…o mundo morreu!” (“The World Died”), which is coming out on 18 March through War Arts Production. This darkly 48 minutes journey spanning across 12 tracks honors the pure and original state of black metal imbued with shades of bitter negativity. You can taste of the bittnerss while waiting as well as follow Morte Incandescente on Facebook (HERE) for more updates.

Wulfpanzer [free download]

Sao Paolo may be a very attractive destination for tourists but it is also a must-visit and/or  follow closely metal spot for die-hard fans. Over the years have emerged quite a bit of killer acts of darkness and brutality and to back my statement properly, I am gonna present you Wulfpanzer and their demo titled “De Occulta Compendium” consisting of 2 freshly released bleak hymns made available for free download on Bandcamp. Little is known about the band except for the fact that they are currently working on songs for their upcoming debut album. Make sure to follow Wulfpanzer on Facebook (HERE) as well as Youtube (HERE) for more information on their progress. 

Elfsgedroch [free download]

My 3rd and final recommendation is not listed on Metal-Archives yet as Wulfpanzer and luckily if it wasn’t the band to contact me, I’d probably miss out on their superb music. Elfsgedroch is a Netherlands-based black metal act whose lyrical inspiration comes from local sagas, myths and historical facts. It was born in 2014 and their first album will be out sometime in March on tape (limited to 50 copies) and LP. An interesting fact is that their debut has been created in night sessions and it captures a very special feel. If you enjoy exploring deeply atmospheric black metal surrounded by intriguing storylines, I absolutely recommend you to listen to the two tracks from their upcoming album called “Op de beenderen van onze voorvaderen.” Follow  Elfsgedroch  on Facebook (HERE) and Youtube (HERE) for more in the future.

Note: Cover art is provided by talented oil painter Wokkel. See more works HERE.