Today is a day that deserves a feast under ceremonial sounds because half a year later, the new From the depths installment is here! Putting aside the “dramatic” beginning of this article, I have prepared for you three special bands that originate from Sweden; one of the best places to look for quality black metal stuff. Let’s start with the first one!


I did say that these three selections are special for a reason. And that’s because Heljarmadr is the man behind the vocals in all of them. Grá (mixture of Islandic and Swedish meaning grey), as the band members say themselves, is a group whose lyrical direction is aimed at the dark aspects of the Scandinavian spirituality. They have released only one full-length so far, which is self titled and you can find below an official music video taken from it.

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Cursed 13

Initially started as a solo project by Heljarmadr in 1998 as Cursed 666, the band changes its name to Cursed 13 in 2006 and progressively transformed into a full line-up band. Despite its long existence, Cursed 13 has a short list of records, including a couple of demos, ep, split and a debut album titled “Triumf.”  Their music, words and actions are dedicated to the Devil’s work, as they say. Check out the music video “Death ‘N’ Roll” below:

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Domgård (translates The realm of the damned) is the oldest band of all the three since it dates back to 1997. The band established its spiritual foundation on the chaosofical cult of the Þursasiðr. So far, they have put out two full-length records, one of which you are about to taste! Listen to “Isöde Vidders Sång”, taken from Domgård’s latest album “Myrkviðr.”

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