New three bands deriving from the depths of the mirky underground have been brought to your attention and this time unlike the previous installment, they are quite various sound and concept wise. I must point out that this is the 11th edition of the series, so if you are not familiar with the rest of the episodes, make sure to click HERE.  



Faunus was conceived in 2015 in Greece where increasingly quality bands are emerging and make not only me but other fans of the genre keep an eye on that part of the globe continiously. This is a one-man act managed by Admentos who released his debut album “Where Everything Begins With an End”; a blackened doom piece of art packed with infectious melodies and overwhelming melancholy. Definetely worth checking it out!



5-piece French artilery Lutece is a happy accident for me for I stumbled upon a preview from their upcoming 3rd full-length “From Glory Towards Void” while browsing for some brand new 2016 stuff and spotted that title. I am not a die-hard epic black metal fan but these guys made me bang the hell outta my head while listening to their self titled track from the impending record and ignited my curiosity about the rest of their material. Fast and fucking furious wrapped in enchanting vibe that makes you go not only insane but repeatedly inject yourself with the epicness that reeks from it, is how I describe the experience out of just one song. Imagine what other tracks would serve you.. 



I’ve always had a thing for that side of black metal where spitefulness dominates and upon just one listening, it spreads like a terrible disease that never lets go of you. Polish band Odraza (meaning Disgust) is a perfect definion for what I mean and their new EP consisting of one track only “Kir” sets on a 20 minute ride of negativity and engulfing obscurity that is capable to cloud even the strongest minds among the listeners. In case you want to get some more of Odraza, take a peek at their Youtube channel HERE.




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