From the depths is a journey, which continues to explore further down the darkest corners of the black metal underground and it’s time to enthrone yet another three bands on the flaming throne. Prepare yourself for an unholy assault and violent desecreation! By the way, unlike other posts in this category, I have included an invaluable bonus for your enjoyment.

Divine Blasphemy

Starting with the Hellenic act Divine Blasphemy, whose work is what I could define as fierce unholy incantations, there’s just nothing more to expect than oldschool alike black fucking metal with a dirty and primitive sound yet catchy enough arrangements that would keep you focused for the most of the time. Listen to their debut full-length “Beyond the Portal.”



Stumbling on Polish band Batushka was thanks to NoCleanSinging. I didn’t need to spend much time before I got completely devoured by the hypnotic chants that are abundant in their debut album “Litourgiya.” As their brothers in desecreation Divine Blasphemy, their craft advocates blasphemy and cruelty, ripping religion apart and leaving nothing more than burning ashes. Incredible sound quality, excellent compositions; an album that I recommend to acquire as soon as possible.

Tod Huetet Uebel

I have to admit that Portugal is not the country where I regularly check for new music but I was fortunate enough to have received a message from Caverna Abismal Productions who unveiled their roster for me. And man, I needed a moment to process the epic proportions of awesomeness in their pool of albums. Tod Huetet Uebel was the very first band I discovered from that label, which made me stop browsing for more artists and listen to their album as much as I could. “Malícia”, their debut album released in 2015 is an act of  cold hatred performed by a duo of pretty talented guys full of chaos and aggression that seem to be impossible to extinguish. This is true dedication! 

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Bonus: Volahn

I credit the one and only Fenriz of Darkthrone who shared Volahn in his latest podcast on Soundcloud and made my day. Definitely a worthwhile channel for exploring something as valuable as a band of this caliber. US black metal has become more and more recognizable over the past years and I can confirm this statement once more with the new split by Volahn titled “Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons.” The band participates with one track only but that’s enough to get you hooked up because it is so atmospheric, polished and demonstrating what the term “a keen eye for details” means. Absolutely outstanding stuff that deserves total support and respect.  So, who said that black metal is dying? Huh?