It’s been 9+ months since frostborne trio Förgjord spread the word of their upcoming opus upon the masses. I myself got very passionate especially having seen the video premiere below, which sums up ideally why Finnish black metal scene is so strong and blooming. Anyway, behold “Ilmestykset” or the band’s 4th monstrous full-length!

Ilmestykset“, which translates “Revelations” is a nasty fucking record encapsulating 8 ominous pieces based on Maria Åkerblom, deemed as “the sleeping preacher” and her prophecies. She gained popularity in the religious circles having been befallen by disease and falling asleep, leading to her “reception of godly prophecies”. Thus, Åkerblom movement emerged and its roots can be traced back to 1917 when she had her initial trance-like preaching.

I’ve had the pleasure of rolling through the entire track list and validate once more that Förgjord did a hell of a job. “Ilmestykset” is what I would call a classic Finnish-style BM album that embodies the beauty of raw production and alluring melodic arrangements. The ferocity reeking from this opus hits the roof, notably the vocals contributing to the overarching gloom embracing each song.

Instrumental-wise, the arrangements are piercingly cold and bleak. Even if you are not the type of a person to appreciate the severity of such production, I would say what will make you stay for the long run is the infectious melodies. Förgjord are craftsmen in fusing the harsh and untamed spirit of this genre with breathtaking twists that will make you rediscover the fineness in a beast like this.

I wasn’t even surprised that Werewolf Records are behind “Ilmestykset” considering that they are guilty of so many exceptional Finnish releases. Anyway, be sure to mark 19 April 2019 on your calendar. Other than that, enjoy the video below!

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