Eyes to the Northern part of the globe, please! Today, we are heading to the coldest regions of Finland where you will find some of the most spiteful black metal cults out there! One of the prime examples would be Förgjord – a trio based in Pieksämäki which has been around ever since 1995! The band has contributed with a relatively big share of blackened extremism including a few demos, splits and 3 full-lengths; the latter is yet to come but you can already taste a bit from it! 

Förgjord’s  upcoming album bears the title “Uhripuu“- a name that exemplifies a tree that serves as the means of self-sacrifice. The track list packs 9 viciously raw songs, which is a trademark for the band’s craft. In its essence, the album is firmly rooted to the furthermost rotten depths of the 90’s era. It breathes out cold death that will bewitch you with beautiful yet harsh melodic interludes accompanied by a melancholic vibe that permeates the severely cold rawness, which binds the whole album together. 

Uhripuu” is scheduled for immediate release on 10 March through Werewolf Records and Hells Headbangers. You can pre-order a CD via the Bandcamp player below.

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