To kick off this day properly, I have prepared for you an album that is meant to blow your mind up (literally) with an unstoppable force beyond control. Chaos, brutality and black mass – Behold Fleshcult’s debut EP Ritus!

Fleshcult is a relatively newborn coven from Germany who master the art of blackened death metal, with an exceptional use of melody and technical skills, which are demonstrated in their EP “Ritus.” At first glance, it is obvious how much passion these dudes put into this record. I mean, check out the amazing artwork above, that is persuasive enough on its own to find out more what’s representing.

Bearer of light
Take my blood
Possess my heart
– taken from “Icons of the Cult”

“Ritus” is shaped by 7 hellish tracks that weave around death metal enforced by the black magic of black metal making the perfect formula for a long-lasting neck pain. Yes, headbanging is inevitable because the instrumentalism is fucking brutal and makes you go wild until you bleed out. Generally, the music ranges from mid to fast tempo leaving no room for rest. The melodic yet brutal riffage feels like a heavy artillery whose’s ammunitions seem to be endless; if you have watched Rambo (sure you have), you will know what I mean. Supported by the insane drumming that generates massive earthquakes and cracking open wide the ground beneath the listener, this equals to an end..of epic proportions!

The vocals are the true meaning of evil and anger at the same time. I especially loved the honesty in them. It is like a promise of painful demise with mass death and annihilation. The vocalist expresses his ferocity in a manner that is not just believable but looking very much as a warning of an impending storm. The one that cannot be avoided.

In a nutshell, I am very positevily surprised by Fleshcult’s first creation for a couple of reasons. It’s composed with a lot of care resulting in both appealing visual and sonic experience. The sound quality is outstanding meaning that I could actually hear each instrument and therefore see its potential. So if you take a liking to high quality blackened death metal, go give a try to Fleshcult’s ambitious take “Ritus” and you’ll see for yourself.

Independed: 29.11.2014
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1. Icons Of The Occult
2. Malleus Maleficarum – Der Hexenhammer
3. Dan Tete (Little Savior)
4. Drag Them to Hell
5. Fleshcult
6. Der Nekromant
7. Ritus

Total running time: 39:45