Apart from the beautiful landscapes that Scandinavia has to offer to a world explorer, there is one hidden (for the majority of people who don’t get it) treasure that hovers up in the Northern sky and illuminates the frostbitten soil. Only a legion of chosen people who are all bound by one fundamental thing possess its powers; they all bear its flaming gifts that give birth to a generation of inspirational music that spans across the whole world and fascinates fans for years. This installment is no tourist guide whatsoever but a short observation of why it is a must to get to know Scandinavian extreme metal. In this sense, Fjorsvartnir‘s sophomore album is a good example to start with.

Fjorsvartnir is what I call “I would rather do it myself than waisting my time to try explaining my vision of black metal.” Conceived, raised and managed by Fjorgynn himself since 2010 in Denmark, the ultimate purpose of his act is to bring back to the present the good old days of when the blackest kind of music was picking up and ruling across the lands with a strong, unshakable tradition and message that could only be heard by the englightened ones. 

“Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” does extract the best of the golden past, but it certainly does not neglect the present state of the genre. In the span of almost 50 minutes, one can get an extensive lession of how beautiful and feral black metal can be at the same time. By nature, this album is not related to anti-religous propaganda and blasphemy, which is pretty much a trademark for this subgenre. Instead, its concept is inspired by Northern mythology that is abundant of stories for great battles opening epic scenes in front of the listener that cannot be described. They have to be felt over and over again! What makes the whole experience more authentic is the fact that the lyrics are written in Danish, which serves as a channel that connects the listener to the frozen core of the North and its legendary stories. Through grimness, infectious melodies and ferocity, Fjorsvartnir draws upon more of the oldschool black metal rawness with a pinch of beauty whose credits are due to the gentle vocals of guest-singer on two of the tracks Nanna Barslev (also known for leading Danish folk metal band Huldre); check tracks “Krigssat” and “Valkyrie.”

From the design work, to artwork (check out the art of Dragan Paunovic) and music compositions, I can honestly say that “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” delivers to the fullest. Also, taking into account that most of the work is done by only one member and the end result is such  a well structured and presented piece of art, I cannot help myself but applaud passionately! Three years in the making of “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” reflect how much hard work, devotion and respect to traditions have been put into one complete package of talents.  If you have been missing quality Danish black metal released lately, then make sure to freely stream Fjorsvartnir‘s new album below and taste the Northern heritage that has been generously left for every single fan of us!

Fjorsvartnir – Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse
Grom Records, release: 29.05.2015
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1. Ravneskrig og ulvehyl
2. Nordens genopstandelse
3. En rejse igennem fortidens riger
4. Riget
5. Mzoraxc – Mødet med underverdenen
6. Krigssat
7. Det sidste slag
8. Valkyrie

Total running time: 47:41