What an unexpected piece of news that hit me so hard that I had to share it! Let me be honest here, after “The Dead of the World” came to be, I was both turned on yet slightly off for a good reason. Ascension did raise the bars very high with their debut and the sophomore opus was like a step backwards, in my point of view. Still, I had my hopes for the new opus and today, I’d like to share a first glimpse of its manifestation. Behold “Under Ether“!

Ascension - Under Ether / support black metal

I had the opportunity to give it a quick play through and my first impression is actually very good. I can see how much the band has grown over the years in every aspect of their craft. The album is very dynamic speaking of the instrumentals, offering a rich palette of hues and unpredictable twists. Most importantly, I did sense that darkly passion emanating from each of the 7 tracks being nearly on a par with the debut album. Anyways, what I am gonna leave you with is the following:

Under Ether” is a solid return and I really hope that will enjoy it as much as I did. Once again, expect it through World Terror Committee as of 30 March 2018. Full streaming to be announced later on.

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Track list:

1. Garmonbozia
2. Ever Staring Eyes
3. Dreaming In Death
4. Ecclesia
5. Pulsating Nought
6. Thalassophobia
7. Stars To Dust
8. Vela Dare


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