Acherontas is among the most prolific Hellenic bands right now, let’s face it. It’s not just about the rather massive discography they offer despite it is considered to be a relatively young band (of old souls, though). It is more about the fine breed of material which goes far beyond the art of music and explores the deep and untreaded paths leading to a world of the occult and magic. 

Two years after the first chapter came under the spotlight, Acherontas have finally shed light onto their new opus “Amarta अमर्त (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II)”. The album presents 8 hymns with a total of 47 minutes eerie occult teachings imbued by hypnotic melodies and atmosphere that transcend the listener to dimensions beyond man’s comprehension.

As of now, their label & official  distributor World Terror Committee published one track off of “Amarta अमर्त (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II)” that you can feast on right below. While waiting for the official release (31st May), you can also throw an eye at the track list. 

Track list:

1. Tablets of Mercury
2. Schism of Worlds
3. I-AM Ness – The Tradition of EYE
4. Sopdet Denudata
5. Yesod Inversum
6. Rosa Andromeda
7. Savikalpa Samadhi
8. Amarta

Note: No pre-order options have been announced so far. Still, keep an eye on WTC’s online store for more info on this matter. 

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