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Female force Nachtlieder revealing details about her new album

I’ve been deeply fascinated by one-man bands lately. It seems that they’re becoming better and better so swiftly. In today’s installment, I would like to remind you of a name that I’ve mentioned before; behold Nachtlieder – a Swedish female black metal force! Susanne, the mastermind of the band has revealed details about her sophomore album, which is titled “The Female of the Species” along with two preview tracks that will blow your mind away. The piece is meant to hold the listener on the edge; it bursts with aggresiveness and itensity! “The Female of the Species” is a manifestation of liberation by setting the gardens of Eden on fire, and opening the fathomless void, which is to be seen only by those who have been purified and liberated from the decayed chains of religion. I, Voidhanger Records have taken care of releasing this record on December the 7th on a CD format in jewel case. While waiting, you may immerse yourself into Nachtlieder’s darkened world by streaming the preview tracks below.

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