To be honest, Spain is not one of the countries where I begin seeking for fresh blood. A bad habit or just got used to be primarily focused on the Northern scene and follow closely how things are developing there, I almost missed out on records like this one, which is kinda of a shame.

Fathomhell is an incarnation of a massive anti-human assault that is meant to wipe off the living of the face of earth. In 2014, they released their second EP titled “KvrX”; a three-pieces album, one of which an intro. At first sight, having the artwork in front of me, I was almost a 100% sure that whatever was awaiting me,  it should be good if not excellent. Once again, just like an unwritten law, my expectations were not just met but outdone. The combination between seamlessly produced melodic black metal that burts with cold hate and negativism towards humanity is what I have a real soft spot for, and Fathomhell is all about that. The instrumentals are decent on their own, incorporating sinister riffage of subtle coldness and skillful drumming (althought it is programmed). What truly stood out for me, though was the sickening, out of the ordinary vocals that spit venomous words of contempt that stuck directly into my heart and I fucking loved it! 

My final words would be like this: If you take a liking to melodic black metal, appreciate high quality production and last but most definitely not the least, enjoy free music, then Fathomhell’s “KvrX” is for you.

Note: CDs are super limited down to 66 copies!

Fathomhell – KvrX
Cold Raw Records, release: 05.05.2014
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1. KvrX
2. Serpent I
3. Serpent II

Approximate running time: 17:00