I didn’t even realize that at the end of 2018, one of THE black metal labels seized to exist… In February I featured Fallen Empire Records as one of the “go to” places speaking of quality unconventional music. With this post, I’d like to pay my respects for their work and dedication throughout the years.

Fallen Empire announced their closure in a few words without creating any drama whatsoever. Instead, they thanked their customers, participants and merely pointed where people can buy the leftoevers of their roster.

The remaining releases have been allocated to Season of Mist in North America and Amor Fati Productions in Europe. Fallen Empire clarify that if you want to acquire their legacy titles, you should visit these spots first. Other than that, they have put up a list with distributors that still have copies of their releases.

As an endnote, the record label further adds that they will continue their contribution to the black metal underground by assisting Mystískaos. Other than that, Fallen Empire’s Bandcamp is still available and you can freely listen to their stuff.

In honour of their existence, I’d like to post the debut demo of Swiss act Tardigrada titled “Widrstand“.