Eudaimony - Futile

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gather members of renowned bands such as Secrets of the Moon, Naglfar and Dark Fortress? Either way there is an answer already and it’s called Eudaimony. When I first discovered this band I instantly set high expectations due to the lineup, which represents Jörg Heemann/drums (Secrets of the Moon), Marcus E. Norman /keyboards, guitars, bass(Naglfar, ex-Bewitched), Matthias Jell/vocals (ex-Dark Fortress, ex-Sindecade) and Peter Honsalek/piano, viola (ex-Nachtreich).

Eudaimony‘s debut “Futile” was released in the end of November 2013 via Cold Dimensions. There are two guest appearances on the vocal part – Mick Moss on “Portraits” and Schwadorf on “December’s Hearse.” The tracklist consists of 8 songs with a total length of 43:30 minutes.  But that’s more on the statistics and I am sure you haven’t come here because of it. Lets jump straight into the impressions.

The secondary things that grasped my attention and lit up a desire to get some more of the band were the polished and expressive artwork as well as the well-chosen album name, which portrays the overall atmosphere. After seeing them I was pretty sure that I had to take that journey to the unknown with the hope of a happy ending, if you will.


The opening track “Ways to Indifference” struck me as hard as a sledge-hammer with its negative-charged essence that made me understand that this was what I had been looking for quite a long time. The smart use of piano and viola sounds intensified the experience, bringing in a suppressing mortuary feel as I was going further into the void. The tortured vocals spoke words of bitter cold and implied a devastating indifference. Like the sparkle of life was long gone.

Production-wise the album meets everything you might be looking for. The instrumentals are very well defined, the vocals are clear and most importantly amplifying the bleak emotions that this album serves in huge proportions. The band shows unique touches throughout the entire record, which is admirable given that some artists are afraid to leave their comfort zone. Yet it has to be noted that it’s complex and deep, which sometimes might be hard to embrace. Definitely not for the mass.

Personally I was very satisfied with “Futile” and  I’d recommend it to those who take a liking to black/doom, atmospheric/depressive and post-black metal. You can listen to “Ways to Indifference”  below and make your first impression. We’re thankful to Matthias for letting us upload the song for online streaming. You may buy the album here, here or at

Eudaimony – Futile
Cold Dimensions, release: 29.11.2013
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1. Ways To Indifference
2. Mute
3. A Window in the Attic
4. Futile
5. Portraits
6. Cold
7. Godforsaken
8. December’s Hearse

Total: 44:30 min


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