When it comes to researching best of the best material out there, I’d go directly to the source. In that regard, black metal record labels have always been my go to place to keep myself updated and with this post I hope that I can teach you that habit, as well.

Keeping in mind the vast pool of choices that you have at hand, it might be a little overwhelming to find where start from. Regardless, I want to make my best easing that out for you by focusing on 3 essential record labels that will cover what this genre stands for.

World Terror Committee

It comes as no surprise that World Terror Committee is, at least in my own opinion one of the vital underground producers of today. They’ve consistently released material that respects the traditions and essence of this genre. If you consider yourself a purist, you won’t go wrong with this label. They manage to keep just the right balance between modern and oldschool sound. I highly recommend exploring their Youtube channel as well as their store.

Fallen Empire Records

Speaking of mind-bending experiences, I cannot think of another producer like Fallen Empire Records. These guys not only strive to deliver amongst the darkest but also most twisted releases out there. Hell, I’m certain you will find other sources, however I can assure you that this label does it right. They’ve got a very abundant roster including atmospheric, occult and technical picks that will turn you upside down. Check out their Bandcamp to get a good sense of what I’m talking about.


Werewolf Records

Last but not the least is, of course one of my central hubs for material in the traditional vein, namely Werewolf Records. No matter how many years have past, this record label stands its ground and continuously releases albums in the most traditional manner. Like WTC, you can expect from them productions that keep the black flame burning. In a more straightforward explanation, their black metal selections are by all means black! No compromises. Anyway, I shall leave the example below speaks for itself.