For the first time since “Sovereigns” came out, I can finally admit that Enthroned hit me very hard; in a positive sense, of course. In all honesty, as much of a legendary status that this band has gotten over the years, their previous works never resonated with me.

I wasn’t sure what I was missing back then but today I know thanks to their monumental new record “Cold Black Suns“. To outline it as briefly as possible, this record is like a new dimension unfolding with a sheer dread, ecstasy and all-consuming atmosphere.

What instantly took a grip on me was the near psychedelic touch to some of the tracks as well as the atypical breakups throughout the entire span. The arrangements themselves pack a strong aura due to the superior execution with the instrumentals, vocals and overall setting.

Before I begin going over the top with my explanations, let me conclude this way: “Cold Black Suns” is not only an album that I’d vouch for. Moreover, I’d support Enthroned to go in this direction and explore what lies ahead. Now, let the music speaks for itself.

Note: “Cold Black Suns” is released by Season of Mist.

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