Nearly one year after I premiered Ende’sThe Rebirth of I“, I got my hands on the actual CD. As a person who values more physical material than pure digital, I find this album a totally worthwhile trip to embark on throughout the dark. Furthermore, it re-imagines traditional black metal as a form of an advanced production and quality.

The rebirth of Ende

Ende was born sometime in 2010. It’s crawled out from the French underground as a coven of two members sharing a common interest in crafting black metal in the traditional vein. Having had plenty of music experience prior to Ende, I. Luciferia (Reverence) and Thomas Njodr (Red Dawn) crafted the band’s first album “Whispers of a Dying Earth” two years later.  I cannot recommend it enough, by the way!

Three years later during the fall of October’s murkiness, Ende finished their 2nd opus titled “The Rebirth of I.” A spot on for my personal taste in oldschool black metal.


Oldschool by nature yet polished to a surprisingly good degree

One thing that keeps me away from a large number of bands that claim to be supporting the origins of this genre is the repetitiveness. Same poor sound quality, lyrical themes and unattractive compositions that have been written a thousand of times before. However, Ende is not even close to that group of outcasts.

You see, when it comes to preserving the essential darkness, Ende does convey it through, in a manner that will keep you strapped to your seat, listening over and over again. What first got me hooked up with “The Rebirth of I” was the production and then everything else. 

Ende - The Rebirth of I CD2; reviewed by Support Black Metal

With that said, “The Rebirth of I” delivers a plausible sound quality where you can get to feel each instrument’s influence on your senses. It does not go over the top nor too “trve”, thus impossible to distinguish the guitars from the drums. I love when the sound is balanced without being overly-polished to a degree that it loses its natural vibe.

Another major advantage of this record is the mixture of beautiful sounds from nature gently shifting between blood-freezing riffs.

Composition-wise, this album serves a nearly 50 minute severely cold embrace of the past. While more organic-sounding than its ancestors, Ende managed to grasp the ideal proportions of both modern and oldschool production. The track list goes straight forward to opening a dark image before your eyes until it engulfs the last remnants of light. From that point on, what’s only left is the distant echoes of torment and the menacing wind blowing…

It is still possible to find decent albums rooted in the oldschool tradition that will blow you away. “The Rebirth of I” is one of them! It perfectly captures the meaning of darkness without hiding behind the overly-abused satanic imagery. Ende makes a clear statement that you can honour traditions without being a slave to them! 

Ende – The Rebirth of I
Obscure Abhorrence Productions, release: 31.10.2015
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Track list:

1. Den glemte skogen
2. Black Sorcery of the Great Macabre
3. An Ode to Bathsheba
4. Seul, vers les ténèbres
5. Aux relents fiels
6. Channeling of the Howling Witch
7. Une forêt de cadavres
8. Quintessence of Evil
9. May, 1885

Total running time: 49:45