I don’t usually cover compilations on SBM but sometimes exceptions have to be made. Especially, when it comes to consistent acts like Ukraine’s Drudkh who tirelessly push the limits to betterment. Case in point, their upcoming “A Few Lines in Archaic Ukranian“.

This package offers a fine selection from Drudkh’s critically acclaimed discography serving as an excellent introduction if you want to get to know the band. What you’ll find inside is 6 tracks with a total of 56 minutes of stellar production quality and talent. Such examples like this always remind me of the astounding beauty of this genre and how full of spirit it is. Anyway, without further due, fear not to explore the preview below to get my point.

Note: “A Few Lines in Archaic Ukranian” is coming out on 5th April via Season of Mist. Follow Drudkh on Facebook.