What else could I possibly say after the title? I mean, it pretty much sums up exactly how good Domgård’s 4th record “Rót” is, in my humble opinion…

Rót” is grounded deep into the fertile black metal underground offering a sheer variety of jaw-dropping moments. It is a dynamic record well abundant with a feral spirit and burning desire carried through a very fine-tuned overall performance.

Domgård are no strangers to SBM, so you can learn more about their craft here. Now, I could talk how amazing “Rót” is and if you’ve counted on my taste before, you should again. I could only ask of you to set aside a while and give it a go. It is a a very strong release that does show off that the Swedish bm underground scene is more alive than one can imagine.

But if you are here for the highlights, let me tell you something about Domgård then. This band keeps very consistent in terms of putting out albums with a solid production and song writing. Nothing feels forced or out of place. The entirety of this record especially feels very natural as a follow-up. Everything else is up to you, speaking of comments. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Order a physical copy on Bandcamp through the player below. Alternatively, you can visit Carnal Records’ page for any inquiries. Official release day is 14th June 2019.