“Offermort Heritage” is Dizziness‘s debut album, which set the barriers very high in their musical career. Somewhat reminding of the colossal oldschool northern albums with a couple of pinches from the second wave sound. A glorious album that confirms how advanced the hellenic underground scene is.

Excellent first impression and sense in terms of hooking listeners up. The intro “Uplifting Touch” did serve its purpose; got me interested and instantly raised my expectations. After setting an appropriate mood for the coming songs, an assault of fast/medium-paced riffs of pride and glory immersed me into the early stage of Greek black metal. Generally, the riffs are repeated but due to the clever arrangement it was not that noticeable and in fact, it worked quite well ending up very consistent and coherent.

I liked the approach on the vocal part – instead of high-pitched vocals as oftenly heard in this genre, Gareth‘s voice is deep, harsh and fits the melodies. Although, in moments I felt like almost losing the vocals due to the volume, but don’t get me wrong – it’s just a minor thing that gets lost in comparison to everything else on the positive side. The drumming is solid – varies from low to fast-pace, spotting blast beats this and there; decently executed. The mastering is top-notch and every instrument is evident, which respectively increased by far my enjoyment.

The real deal, the brightest of all parts on this album is the melodies. Several layers of emotions can be depicted from them, such as an undying pride, a note of sorrow and melancholy. A sweet mesmerizing opium that I couldn’t have enough of. “Offermort Heritage” is an outstanding act and I am looking forward to seeing what is coming next from Dizziness. In the mean time, you can listen to “Triumph of a Superior Idea” below and make your impression for yourself.

DizzinessOffermort Heritage
Apocalyptic Art, release: 07.03.2013
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1. Uplifting Touch
2. For Glory and Pride
3. Polemos
4. Triumph of a Superior Idea
5. The Age of Darkness
6. Mortuus Spes
7. Unveiling the Truth of Universe
8. Offermort Heritage
9. Nyx

Total running time: 41:19