Two years after the phenomenal release of “Liberation Funeral“, Bulgarian black metal band Dimholt shed some light on what they are currently working on. The anticipated follow-up of their successor can already be tasted in the shape of a medley of demo tracks. Still, there is a lot to be clarified in time such as album title, tracklist and cover artwork but while waiting, you can also revisit their debut album and follow them on Facebook for further updates (if you haven’t yet). 

If by any chance you are planning to travel to Bulgaria in 10th September, you can see Dimholt performing live at “5 Years of Oldschool Brutality“, which will take place in Shumen. The exact spot is Piano Bar Cest La Vie | Start: 20:00 | The full lineup includes: Concrete, Mass Grave, Clot, Abbadon and, of course Dimholt

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