About a few months ago I announced that Dimholt just finished their work on their debut “Liberation Funeral.” The album is out now and fortunately I am lucky enough to have it in my hands and share my thoughts about it. But first let me tell you a bunch of words about the band itself. I am sure newcomers to SBM E-zine would appreciate that.

dimholtDimholt hail from the sunny Bourgas, Bulgaria and was established in 2003. Almost 10 years since their birth is a perfect occasion to feast upon with a debut that summarizes their experience and knowledge within the boundaries of extreme metal. The band sets on their journey in obscurity as a duo until 2005 and currently they have a full functioning lineup, which is reflected on “Liberation Funeral.” You may refer to Dimholt’s homepage for more detailed background info right below. Back to the point.

“Liberation Funeral” is an uncommon manifestation or as Dimholt stated in their description “psychedelic black metal.” Looks different, sounds different – a getaway from the overcrowded trve bm sound. How is it possible to stay obscure and still approach this genre in a slightly different way without losing the dark & evil mood? Well, it’s hard and takes a lot of brainstorming but surely it is possible and this album proves me right.

Raging psychedelic black metal with a pinch of post-rock influence

The main difference in this record is that it is far away from the purposely garage production that reminds of the early 90s releases. Instead, there is a refined sound shaping ( with the contribution of TT – mastermind of Abigor) and a broader lyrical spectrum that, of course preserves the trademark of this genre – cold-served darkness in tunes. So what have we got here?

Ten tracks and unabated flame of darkness; a spawn of destructive riffage and ground-breaking drumming from start til end. The darkly beauty of “Liberation Funeral” comes with its diversity music-wise; it has this unique capability of sounding equally wicked, melancholic and even every once in a while brutal. There’s one word for this – sophistication done the right way. The presence of post-rock and psychedelic influence only results in a more entertaining and refreshing outcome.

Highlights of the album? It’s nearly impossible to choose any particular song to be “the best”, so I leave this for you to determine by giving it a thorough listen. Yet if I was strapped to the wall and forced two name some, I’d say “The Shades of Night” and “Black Horizon”, though each of the rest songs are evenly superb.

In my humble opinion “Liberation Funeral” is 2014’s best Bulgarian black metal album by now and it is also up to par with Scandinavia’s cult releases. It could demand a couple of spins until you get a good grip on it but once you do, you’ll love it (unless you are not open-minded). In a nutshell this album is a redefinition, a game changer and a big statement that hints to pay close attention to the Bulgarian underground scene because a new epoch has come!

DimholtLiberation Funeral
Independent, release: 01.04.2014
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1. Blindead
2. The Neverhealing Wound
3. Chaos Reborn
4. The Shades of Night
5. Black Horizon
6. In Tombs
7. Armageddon
8. Ruins
9. …at the End…
10. Theodicy