I might not return as often as I used to when it comes to writing but hopefully with this feature I’ll make up properly. Like delivering you new material on a hot dish by Deus Mortem whose discography has been critically acclaimed for a good reason.

This band does share members from Anima Damnata and Infernal War, which if you are familiar with, might suggest that you are about to enter a territory of great musicianship. Regardless, let me spare you the fillings and present you such an incredible piece of musical art like “Kosmocide” below.

Keeping it brief and to the point, “Kosmocide” summarizes an exquisite taste and knowledge in black metal crafting. Be it production, composition or writing-wise, this album burns with passion and potency, which instantly alerted me to share it on SBM as quick as I could.

Without reinventing the wheel, “Kosmocide” manages to bring out the best of this genre by blending meticulously dynamic musicianship and structure leading to a track list rich enough to entertain even the most spoilt ears out there. For me, however, this album is a reminder why I am part of this culture.

The sheer motivation and devotion to preserving the natural qualities of the black metal movement is as clear as daylight. Feral, uncompromising and inhuman to the core at first sight it appears but the beauty that the tracks hold inside is unparalleled. Anyway, let me stop it here cause I want you to experience it all in your own way. Feast on!

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