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A few days ago I received a massive update from Fallen Empire Records, which turns into today’s episode. Normally, I follow my strict rule of featuring 3 bands per issue but this time I had to make an exception. Today, I present you Urzeit, Tardigrada, Jassa and Arkhtinn! Apart from plenty of stuff to listen to, you can also download for free 2 of the albums below. Let’s jump into the treat!


Urzeit is a US-based collective of 3 members whose common experience brings a lot to the table. R.F. (guitars, vocals) and M. (bass) both take part in the infamous Ash Borer and A.L.N. (drums, vocals) is the sole ruler of מזמור. What drew me towards Urzeit is their monstrous debut album “Anmoksha.” Prior to its release though, the band brought forth a couple of demos, a compilation and a split. Allegedly, 2013 is the year when everything came together and their first ever demo emerged. My impressions don’t go beyond “Anmoksha“, so I’ll focus your attention on it only.

If you are seeking the beauty in extreme metal, go elsewhere as the following track list of 10 pieces resembles a ghastly, primitive and exceptionally brutal demon creature. The ferocity and spitefulness reeking from each track will tear you apart in an ultra violent manner. “Anmoksha” does not reinvent this genre nor bring something new to it. However, it goes deeper into the darkest depths of the human mind and digs up the most sickening visions that will make you fear to death! It’s intense, quite disturbing and honestly, it feels totally insane!

Note: Urzeit does not have any social profiles except for Bandcamp.



In 2010, the Swiss alliance Tardigrada formed and slowly started forging their way towards their first demo “Widrstand.” It took around 2 years to complete after which no more productions saw the light of day until October 2016; the official release of their debut album “Emotionale Ödnis.” As the title hints itself, this record is abundant of melancholy and overwhelming emotions of grief.

Above the thick layers of atmosphere truly shine the splendid vocal work that increases the whole experience to great heights. Tardigrada’s approach on atmospheric black metal mixes both the intensity and beauty of sorrow in such a magnetic manner through a flawless production. Each texture of “Emotionale Ödnis” has been carefully worked on, starting from the impressive musicianship to the tortured screams that will touch you instantly. This is a perfect choice for a cold, bleak and sorrowful November day…

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Jassa [Free download]

Jassa is a Russian duo that was established in 2012. The same year they unleashed their debut “Dark Years of Dearth” through Werewolf Promotion. There isn’t more detailed background info about the band, though, considering that it does not have any social media presence or an official website. To this day, all I am well aware of is that 4 years later, their sophomore full-length “Lights in the Howling Wilderness” came to be.  The track list holds inside a heathen treasure of 6 catchy songs that will seduce you easily. All compositions are arranged in a coherent manner, the sound production is crisp and the instrumentals are firmly rooted in the original state of the genre. No fancy stuff, just straight to the point!


Arkhtinn [Free download]

Nobody really knows who stands behind the name Arkhtinn and where it is based in. According to Metal-Archives, the first signs of activity were spotted in 2012. This Northern entity, as Fallen Empire states, has so far gotten 3 demos under its belt. The latter is the one I had the pleasure to go though. Deep as space itself is how I could easily describe “III” as whole. It serves the listener with an omnipresent ambience that hides things unfamiliar to the human mind. In the span of 1 hour, you will voyage through the furthermost corners of space with the tendency of never coming back. This demo is not meant to just be listened to; it has to felt throughout your mind, body and soul. Only then, you will truly get to know Arkhtinn.


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