The number of bands that are worthy to be included in From the depths exceeds the capacity of this zine. This is one of the conclusions I came to as I keep discovering so many black metal treasures on a daily basis that it’s not possible to collect them all at once and pay them the well deserved attention. Nevertheless, slowly but surely, this pool of underground bands has expanded once more with yet another batch of three names that captured my attention. Check them below.


Kosmos is a name that has a special meaning to this zine because it is one of the first three bands I shared on Google+ when I started the cause called Support Black Metal. I presented a track from their second full-length “Le Vecteur Transcendantal”, released in 2013, the same year SBM was born. Two years later, I found out that Kosmos put out a new record “Ashes of the Orphic Dream”, which I now present to your attention. Following their path of destruction, I concluded that this band has grown significantly more and if this is the style they are going for in the next release(s), then I raise my thumbs up instantly.

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Terzij de Horde

Post-black metal is developing rapidly and here is an example why it is so. Terzij de Horde is new to me but as soon as I heard their enchanting single “Wacht / Lex Barbarorum” I fell in love/madness with their chilling sound that brings Autumn’s beauty in my room. Deviating from the main concept (of satanism and blasphemy) of this genre, this act has dedicated their art to mythology and literature-related topics, which is somewhat refreshing and inspiring to get to know them better. Listen and download for free “Wacht / Lex Barbarorum” below.



Golgothar has become one of the bands that will always be remembered as it is associated with a huge milestone for SBM. Today, the Google+ page reached 1000 followers and to celebrate this occassion, I accedentally encountered the band’s debut album “Golgotharian Warfare” while I was looking for brand new stuff to share as an expression of my gratitude for the support. Although, Golgothar have just started their musical journey, they clearly show that they have got the full potential to establish themselves as a very respected quartet. Their hard work is evident since “Golgotharian Warfare” turned out to be a a beautiful and certainly an emotional release, which I advise you to spend some of your time with. 

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