Italian avant-garde black metal duo Dawn of A Dark Age have proven themselves to be a productive band for a fairly short amount of time. In July they released their first conceptual album “The Six Elements, vol.1 Earth” [see article] that is based on a sequence related to the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and spirit). Now in turn is about to come their second opus “Six Elements, vol.2 Water”, which maintains the same tradition of including six tracks as the previous album with a total duration of 36 minutes. See the exclusive video and tracklist below.

Note: “Six Elements, vol.2 Water” is gonna be released in a limited CD edition on January 1st 2015. Pre-order HERE and follow Dawn of A Dark Age on FB HERE.

1. Intro/The Gates of Hell (In The Deepest Dark Abyss)
2. Otzuni (The Black City in Apulia)
3. The Old Path of Water (Where You Rot Slowly)
4. The Verrin’s Source (On MountField)
5. Mouettes A Midi Sur La Mer Adriatique
6. Outro n.2