It’s been nearly 3 months since my last album recommendation and twice as much to have delayed this particular installment. Last year, Forgotten Path Records have been generous enough to send me a CD of one of their hot releases by Dark Ravage. This band has never been featured on SBM, so let me tell you a few words about it.

Dark Ravage is a Lithuanian act that was established back in 2004. As of now, their discography includes 2 demos and full albums, one of which is the subject of my examination today. Okay, I’d actually call it yet another reference to a worthy album that you should take into account.

The Fall of Inner Sanctum” spans across 8 tracks that clock at 49 minutes. After listening to it for a while, I decided put it under traditional/oldschool black metal category as it is leaning towards a more primitive rather than sophisticated sounding that is currently trending.

In a general sense, the album overwhelms the listener with darkness from start to end. It evokes the dark nature that lies in every single one of us and uncovers the true meaning of human existence. To destroy, uproot and drain the vital essence of all living forms until it we, as a whole are just a fading memory. 

Overall, I enjoyed myself while listening to the “The Fall of Inner Sanctum” but I felt like Dark Ravage had to push it a little further. I think it needs more personality and uniqueness in order to step out of the pre-defined black metal formula that has been followed by many for 2 decades. In my opinion, the instrumental work needs more attention to be paid at in terms of the emotional impact. For instance, I did not feel the scorching rage, the desolation and destruction as strongly as I anticipated. 

On the other hand, the concept is what captured me the most. The album expresses distress from the fact that humanity is not nearly as developed as it is claimed to be. Dark Ravage stress on the upcoming Apocalypse caused by no Gods, extraterrestrial beings but humanity! 

Furthermore, as powerful the human force gets, the further away sanity goes into the pitch-black. The bitterness of facing the true nature of our kind is well portrayed in the album. It’s oppressive and embraced by the cold. Do follow or lose yourself into the darkness.

Note: I did not expand on the production because I have some remarks. As you may have read my policy, I don’t like to be severely critical and that’s why I keep these for myself only. Support the band!

Dark Ravage – The Fall of Inner Sanctum
Forgotten Path Records, release: 01.02.2013
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1. The Morning That Never Came
2. Where Paths Disappear
3. Running from the Truth
4. Drowning in Fresh Air
5. Wandering in Burning Cold
6. Fear to Be Betrayed by Oneself
7. Into Abyss Out of This World
8. Void That Chaos Has Created

Total running time: 49:03


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