Today, I picked an album that had stuck in my heart deeply and I am sure it will be there for a long time. Meet Cruda Sorte whose sophomore piece “Nekrolog” has everything it takes to be among the most fascinating melancholic/depressive black metal albums released in 2016!

Cruda Sorte hails from Berlin, Germany. The band was established back in 2005 and offers a short but consistent list of quality material to explore. My journey to get to know their music started in opposition to chronology with “Nekrolog.” After a number of spins, here is what I came to share as my first impression.

Great, full of oppressiveness but not suitable for everyday consumption

Nekrolog“does not reinvent this genre by all means. However, it brings a different perspective where it shows the real meaning of suffering. From its beginning to the end, it reeks of unrelenting misery that grows more track by track. In this album Cruda Sorte excels among other bands with a compelling vocal work and mood setting.

Nathanael who leads on the vocals projects a filthy tortured soul tearing itself apart in the span of nearly 35 minutes. I could not stop imagining how it is slowly being consumed into a realm of eternal pain where the restless are condemned to live in oblivion.

The instrumentals go from mid to low-paced tempo creating a death-like atmosphere. Chances are that Cruda Sorte took inspiration from doom metal with its subtle approach to delivering strong emotions. Furthermore, it makes perfect sense for its simplicity every once in a while. The more you plunge into the essence of “Nekrolog“, the more hopelessness will get its hard grip on you…

Thus, in order to fully uncover the enormous potential of this album, you should carefully consider when is the right moment to give it a go. For me, a cold and sorrowful Autumn’s day such as today is spot on.

Nekrolog” is a short but quite intense on the emotional side. It packs refined compositions of organic sounding filled with a tortured state of the mind. As to the lyrics, Cruda Sorte chose to spread their message in their mother tongue. However, if there is one sentence that can describe the album, it would be “…total destruction of matter.”

Cruda Sorte – Nekrolog
Nihilistische KlangKunst, release: 01.01.2016
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1. Proloqvivm
2. Dictatvra
3. Necrologia
4. Aevitas

Total running time: 34:27