Coming all the way from Sao Paolo, Brasil, Creptum is a band with a relatively long stay in the extreme music who have left a legacy of three demos so far. All of them bound by one tradition, and that is black metal done the old fashioned way. In this article, I would like to present the re-recorded release “The Age of Darkness”; an extremely limited physical edition (yet free to download on bandcamp).

“The Age of Darkness” spares no time to get the listener prepared and begins with a brutal attack of aggressiveness and rage. It smashes the pillars of holiness from start to end and there’s barely room for any prayers that are not to be heard at all; they will  fade out under the tramping hoofs of the infernal legions that are to occupy every inch of life and turn it into death.

This release was composed and recorded in the oldschool vein meaning there are no fancy effects, chill out passages and complex compositions. “The Age of Darkness” captures the dirty sound of the genre’s ancestors and implements simple musical arrangements that are easy to remember and grasp. They have an immense impact on the listener, especially when adding the coherent vocals that match the album’s essence pretty well. Let me point out that it’s not so often to find an easily readable album in terms of the lyrics. Being able to hear what the vocalist Tanatos rants about, makes me give a big thumbs up for the opportunity to dive into the core of the album’s concept.

The texts in their essence relate to Satanism in their vilest form. Corruption of the soul, killing for the Unholy Lord and walking down the path to darkness is basically what these blackest words propangade. Essentially, the concept of “The Age of Darkness” keeps on the foundation of black metal tightly and shows no influence from the modern state of this genre. Traditional oldschool black metal all the way..

In a nutshell, “The Age of Darkness” is certainly not an innovator but a reminder of where black metal marks its beginning. I consider it as a statement that is against modernity and trends that seem to flock increasingly. My advice is to put on hold your daily activities and give this decent album a spin.

Note: Make sure to download it via the link below.

CreptumThe Age of Darkness
Independed, release: 30.04.2014
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1. The Fall of the Nazarene Whore
2. Darkness Is the Only Path to Our Blackened Souls
3. The Strength of a Master
4. Killing for Satan
5. Disciple of Evil
6. Oh My Lord…

Total running time: 22:54