Entartung - Baptized Into the Faith of Lust

I guess it is too early to say that 2017’s harvest will be fruitful but judging by the recently announced albums I fear not to state it. While I was busy working on my day job for the past days, I received in my email box a few emails containing material that is highly magnetic (to say the least). Without further due, let’s jump into the good stuff!

Consummation – Ritual Severance

Consummation - Ritual Severance

With the ever growing pool of badassery that is springing in Iceland as of lately, I won’t be surprised if you are still keeping your eyes glued to that region. However, Queensland-based black/death coven Consummation will spark your curiosity with their upcoming EP “Ritual Severance” and possibly make you crave for more Australian extremism. Regardless I just discovered this band, I am already madly in love with their way of blending sinister imagery with pommelling, honestly brutal and eerie fusion of magnificent riffage, drumming and awe-inspiring vocals. 

Ritual Severance” is an embodiment of 2 tracks that will heat the ground beneath your feet and burn you down to ashes immediately after you click the play button. It is not just aesthetically beautiful but highly addictive especially if you are on the look for albums that hold tightly to the original purpose of this genre.

Note: Available starting from 13 March through Invictus Productions

Track list:

1. The Weightless Grip of Fire
2. Blighted Ovum


Entartung – Baptized Into the Faith of Lust

Entartung - Baptized Into the Faith of Lust

Another great announcement from World Terror Committee’s headquarters is here. For the first time I’ll feature Germany’s Entartung on SBM and I am more than happy that it concerns their upcoming album “Baptized Into the Faith of Lust.” Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share an exclusive streaming just yet, although my fingers are itching very bad. So for now, I’ll have to stick to the impressive cover artwork above, track list and a few impressions that I got out of the first spinning.

To put it simply, Entartung’s upcoming full-length is as great as the high quality of the cover whose artist is kept in secrecy for some reason. The instrumentals are well composed and built around catchy melodies while still maintaining the obscure vibe throughout all the 7 tracks. Abundance is a key point here as you will find various interesting moments that will make you stay and long for more. At times “Baptized Into the Faith of Lust” gets to a high degree of intensity and then shifts to a mellow state of melancholy with a barely noticeable transition in between. And that’s the beauty of it! 

To me, this album is a worthy precursor that must not be bypassed at any cost! Expect it to be out on 16 March to World Terror Committee.

Track list

1. Resurrectio Mortuorum
2. Vices of the Prophet
3. De Sura Frukterna
4. Agni Kravyad
5. Der Werwolf
6. Black Dog of God
7. Hymne à la Beauté


Mord’A’Stigmata – Hope

Mord'A'Stigmata - Hope / cover artwork

Last year I premiered the long anticipated new opus of Polish avant-garde black metal quartet Mord’A’Stigmata whose title is “Hope.” With a little delay on catching up with the updates from the musicians, it turned out that there is already a track taken off of it for streaming, which you can find below. Considering that it’s been approximately 4 years since their latter full-length “Ansia” was introduced, the bars were set high. Fortunately, the self-titled track gives us an opportunity to take a thorough look on what’s coming and man, it is breathtaking!

Hope” packs a whole punch with its splendid quality, composition and uniquely portrayed visions of negativism carried through 4 essential songs. Personally, I could not be happier with the outcome so far as it shows mature sound production and no fear to step further in experimenting with new approaches. This is why it is so refreshing and enjoyable to listen to!

Once again, Pagan Records is handling the distribution as of 17 February. You can already grab your copy on their webshop! While waiting, you know what I’d recommend you to do…

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