Audioseptic Black Punk Bastards!

Saturday, June 7th 2014: Three festivals at one weekend (Wave Gotik Treffen, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring) and temperatures above 30° C, but nonetheless, about 80 Black Metalheads came to the Backstage Club in Munich to see four underground bands and have a good time.

The first band was Munich-based duo Ewigeis (the name translates as “everlasting ice”, but is an artificial word in the German language that is not used this way). Last time I saw them playing as support to Von and Inquisition in 2013, and since then, their performance has become much better. Saat (Guitars/Vox) and Angsul (Drums) just released their third demo Daupuz via Greek underground label Nebular Winter Productions, and the title track was the opening song for this Saturday night. Ewigeis play not-too-melodic yet rough mid tempo Black Metal with German lyrics that is very straight forward. “Daupuz” sounds quite good, also “…wie Schnee” and the last song, “Seelensplitter”, are really satisfying. Ewigeis have everything a good Black Metal band should have, and they seem to make some progress on their way. I was really content with their performance. Well done!

Setlist Ewigeis:
Im Nachtgeraune Melodien
Existenz ad absurdum
Ewiges Eis
… wie Schnee

After Ewigeis, five guys from Tyrol/ Austria entered the stage: Asphagor! I had heard the name before, and the logo looked familiar, but I never really paid them any attention. Well, this is going to change after this brilliant gig in Munich full of dark energy and chaotic dynamic! Their latest release is called ANTI (2013), and Asphagor played a lot of songs from it that night. The general pace is not too fast (though they can be fast as hell; “Cemetary (sic!) of Gods” is a good example for that), but rather moderate, so you just have to bang your head! Center point is, without any doubt, singer Morgoth who dominates both stage and audience from the first to the last minute of the gig and who is – sorry, can’t say it otherwise – one really cool son of a gun! The audience was fine – after returning to the small club that felt like a sauna, it was almost a miracle nobody collapsed due to the heat while hell broke loose with “Anti”, “Suffering Flesh” or “Havoc”. “Oblivion”, clearly awaited by the fans, was Asphagors last song and a peak in their superb performance that could have, in my opinion, gone on for another hour. I had a great time (and a sore neck for days afterwards) and I hope, they’re coming back to Munich soon – I want more, more, more!

Setlist Asphagor:
Cemetary (sic!) of Gods
The Rebirth (In the Age of Nemesis)
Invoke Heaven
Suffering Flesh

Third band was the secret headliner, Selbstentleibung from Vienna, Austria. The band’s name translates as “suicide”, but the word “Selbstentleibung” is a rather poetic one and not used in common German. They just released their third full-length album Null|Negativ on May 30th. Also new are bassist Plague, who replaces G. Vargavind, and Drummer Severni Veter, who came in for Ördögvér. Selbstentleibung are currently on a release tour through Austria and Germany and performing a show that’s just bursting with energy. The songs lead straight into the deepest abysses in the human soul, singer Tötung’s screams are very high pitched and always full of emotions; cold hate, pain and depression are clearly expressed through his lyrics and the way he presents them. They celebrate extreme nihilism on stage, completed by storming guitars whose riffs are like a drill straight into your frontal lobe, and drums sounding like an artillery battery. Sometimes, a sort of recitative gives you a possibility to raise your head and take a breath during the slower, calmer passages, so Selbstentleibung never become dull, but create a very dense atmosphere that craves for a rainy, grey autumn day rather than a mild summer night. I am looking forward to see them again at the Sick Midsummer Austria Festival in July!

Last one for this night, German War Black Metal formation BlackShore attempted to set fire to the venue – literally speaking –, but failed: The audience, completely flashed by the heat and Selbstentleibung, had almost completely fled the Backstage Club, therefore BlackShore performed only for a few fans. The “crowd” also was hard to motivate, singer Hades asked several times whether or not they were still alive, but only got some half-hearted nods in return. This got somewhat better during BlackShores gig, though I have to admit that after Selbstentleibung, the rather primitive Black Metal BlackShore plays with great energy, and that concerns with war, death and annihilation, almost sounded merry and light-hearted – just not what you would want right now. BlackShore delivered what was expected of them:  simple structured, but neck breaking songs, delivered with infernal speed, only slowing down to open the throttle again. Songs like “Kaiserschnitt Replikant” or the brutal “Reactor” (see our YouTube-Channel!) might give you an idea what I’m talking about. Oxygen level was already low in our small Munich sauna, so no need for time to breathe! “Troublemaker Black Metal” followed, a track that sums it up pretty good what BlackShore stands for: this snotty, rather punky, rebellious impetus that tells you not to give a fuck about anything or anyone. And normally, BlackShore would get me going with this attitude and their songs, but not this night: I was still submerged in the Selbstentleibungs-cosmos to really enjoy BlackShore’s performance. Sorry, guys! They really did well, though, as expected – and they are a force to be seen on stage!

Setlist BlackShore:
Troublemaker Black Metal
Fat, White and Ugly
Frostbitten Warmachine
Puking Blood Means Cancer
Kaiserschnitt Replikant
Bitchgrinding Metal
Dimension Ärger

Overall, I saw four very good underground Black Metal bands that evening: Selbstentleibung were satsifactory, but not as superb as expected by me – sound wasn’t that optimal, I guess. Still, their sound lingered in my ears all night long. BlackShore just could not reach me that night, though they performed well. Maybe it’s the fact that they were the only band who talked to the audience? That just killed the mood, and after having your soul ripped apart by Selbstentleibung, BlackShore was not the right digestive. Ewigeis surprised me in a positive way, but my favourite band by far that evening was Asphagor, and I am gladly counting them amongst my musical discoveries for this year. Go out and watch those guys play – hell of a show!

Pictures: The Doc – click here to see them all!