Holidays are over now and your daily routine has most likely taken over but don’t despair! Instead, allow me to introduce you a small yet exciting batch of 3 albums featuring Light of The Morning Star, Laster and Praecognitvm. Let’s get into the good stuff! 

Light of the Morning Star – Nocta

Light of the Morning Star - NoctaOne of the first appearances of Light of the Morning Star on this blog was when I published the 3rd edition of SBM sampler. It didn’t take long for the band to announce the grand arrival of his (that’s right, one-man band) debut album “Nocta.” The upcoming opus packs a list of 9 songs that continue the legacy of “Cemetery Glow“, the firstborn EP of the British cult. Fusing together elements of wicked deathrock, grave-like doom and unsettling atmospheric black metal, “Nocta” will deliver an experience beyond its physical form.  Be prepared for the Shadow World to crawl up and roll out its menacing cloak upon humanity! 

“Nocta” is set for an immediate release through Iron Bonehead Productions on 3 March 2017. It will be available on CD and LP. 

Light of the Morning Star on Facebook

Track list

1. Nocta
2. Coffinwood
3. Serpent Lanterns
4. Grey Carriages
5. Crescentlight
6. Oleander Halo
7. Ophidian
8. Lord of All Graves
9. Five Point Star


Laster – Ons Vrije Fatum


Dutch trio Laster is new to me but quickly found a spot in my list of favourites. Three years after their highly acclaimed debut “De verste verte is hier” came forth, the band is on the verge of throwing out their sophomore full-length titled “Ons vrije fatum.” Clearly, the black metal foundation is there, however Laster boldly plunges into self-exploration and thus presents a different angle on how sonic extremism should be outlined. The title track weaves an emotional instrumentalism around explosive vocals setting a blissful Autumnal scenery. Maybe I could be right or wrong, but if you take a liking to post-black metal more specifically than other sub-genres, you may get to adore this one. You are the judge! 

Ons vrije fatum” is out on 9 January 2017 via Dunkelheit Produktionen

Laster on Facebook

Track list: 

1. Ons vrije fatum
2. Binnenstebuiten
3. Bitterzoet
4. Helemaal naar huis
5. De tijd vóór
6. De roes na
7. Er wordt op mij gewacht


Praecognitvm – Inalienable Catharsis


Speaking of Chile, I believe you will agree with me that this is a region more famous with its dense death metal population. Today however, I’ll point your attention at the newborn duo Praecognitvm whose first demo “Inalienable Catharsis” is a pure embodiment of a fine atmospheric black metal art. No matter its short span of 27 minutes distributed in 4 tracks, you will experience a robust  production, superior song-writing and truly enchanting compositions whose magic is hard to resist. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the cover artwork by Nox Fragor, which describers far more accurate what the essence of the album feels like. 

Inalienable Catharsis” is to be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on 10 February 2017. It will be spread in a tape format. 

Note: For a complete track list, visit Bandcamp.