Alright folks, I think it has been way too long since the last time I held an interview. To make up for that, I invited one of my personal favourites, namely Cień for a blitz session. They share with us details about their latest full-length titled “Fate“, which you can stream in its entirety below. Before stepping further, make sure to follow the band on Facebook


G. (guitar&vocals): We made an assumption that „Fate” would in some way refer to the previous album “Ecce Homo” but without duplicating it. Actually, each our release is coherent with previous ones additionally incorporating some new elements and introducing new concepts. I have a feeling that “Fate” is calmer than “Ecce Homo” but – on the other hand – it heads more towards the classical black metal: there are less acoustic parts, there are also slower tempos from time to time sounding more like doom.

P. (bass guitar): We tried to create a consistent album referring to a classical black metal but at the same time featuring some non-trivial or even progressive elements. Our intention was to keep our original sound and atmosphere yet without drastic deviation from a style generally called BM. Obviously, “Fate” has a few marks of resemblance to the bands that are our inspiration, but I believe that anyone would be able to recognize genuine style of Cień in the first place.


G.: Well, it’s not a mystery that we had a limited budget but on the other hand we did not have any strict deadline for the recording session. Our only problem was to adapt to the availability of the sound engineer (responsible for recording, mixing and final mastering) – and he, as the leader of Furia, had already some live shows scheduled and that slowed the whole process a little bit. Despite that I have a feeling that we all did tremendous work and we gave our best taking all these circumstances into an account.

P.: The recording session went very smoothly and practically without any restraints. Nihil, who owns the studio (and is also the leader of Polish band Furia), turned out to be patient, open-minded and very understanding person. However, the process of mixing and mastering was more time-consuming due to the fact that we were very demanding regarding the final sound of this album. We paid attention to many details, we also insisted on having it done according to our vision and we had many remarks during all that time. But in the end we are very pleased with the final effect and we really appreciate fruitful cooperation with Nihil.

cien - fate / cover


G.: Our message is unchanged from the very beginning of the band – it is anti-humanity. Mankind through all its deeds and actions is constantly striving towards destruction and this is basically what our lyrics are dealing with. Destiny of each man – is to die.

P.: And also the title of our last album is referring to this message, in some symbolic and ambiguous way. It is further explored in our lyrics.


G.: The band is consequently stepping ahead and with each our release we try to present more mature vision of our music. Early material was simpler, rawer and maybe more depressive, but “Fate” still has some of these features. The most distinctive aspect of the latest album is probably vocal line and its techniques that are very diversified including not only deep growls but also cleaner parts or even pure declamation. I think this has changed a lot comparing to the previous album. Moreover, bass line on “Ecce Homo” was not exposed properly, almost ‘hidden’ – with the new album it sounds clearly and powerfully. Last but not least, the complexity of the structure has grown comparing to the previous releases – that has been reflected in duration of the tracks.

P.: I was not involved in writing of “Ecce Homo” so it is difficult for me to refer to that album. What I can say is that practically all band members contributed to the creation of “Fate”. It was Gulver who composed almost all music for the previous album, now with the recent one the writing duties were divided between us. Speaking of music quality, the rhythm section on “Fate” is vivid and intense. Personally I find overall sound of “Fate” more organic, natural and powerful comparing to “Ecce Homo”.