The season of the dead known as Winter is on the way to take over and the opressive greyness is about to consume the light, the colors and turn all this into depressive silence. Drawing a picture with such words would not be enough but fortunately, I have found the perfect black metal album that can do it instead of me.

Cień (means “shadow” in Polish) might be familiar to some of you because they are part of SBM sampler vol. 2 (check it out HERE). The moment I found about them, I could not help myself but dive more into their universe and try to get what they were about. Entering it was possible through their debut album “Ecce Homo”; a little hard to embrace in the beginning but after a few spins it became more and more welcoming.

“Ecce Homo” is a 45 minute depressive ride reminding of humanity’s insignificance. It is a heavy album because it stresses one’s emotions to the full extend. Entering its universe means pealing off your skin and being with your bare nerves exposed to highly emotional and negative emissions that will extinguish the flame of life in your heart and soul. This is the sound of cold murderous music that creeps unseen/unheard and infects the listener silently and painlessly.

Cień advocate anti-humanity in general, and entering their world is not easy because the album is not melodic, super catchy and easy to digest. It requires to be in a specific mood in order to unlock the gates and take a peek at the bottomless darkness that whispers menacing things. It demands some effort to get it and more importantly to feel it. “Ecce Homo” is an emotional vortex that either lets you in or blows you further away. However, once being invited to its core, you’ll find the beauty of the opressiveness and hopelessness that it serves in huge proportions.

Thanks to Cień’s amazing instrumental skills and song writing, I was able to embrace their bleak visions represented by a tracklist of 7 crisply recorded songs, two of which written in their mother language Polish. What makes “Ecce Homo” a very decent album even though it’s not an innovator is that it does have the capability to evoke strong emotional presence, which does not leave swiftly and in fact it stays for long even after you stop listening to it. In this sense, I don’t think the album is meant to be listened all the time, though, if you try, you’ll see that there is a certain moment that will echo back when it is appropriate.

Cień Ecce Homo
Old Temple, release: 30.12.2014
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1. Rebellion
2. Betonowe królestwo
3. Lustfulness
4. Slave of Life
5. Umarły krzyk
6. Ecce Homo
7. Silent March

Total running time: 45:11