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Check out the new single of Finland’s Hukutus

In my “humble” experience with Finnish bands, I’ve almost always been impressed by the immense talent that springs in there. Case in point – Hukutus – a 5-piece underground band by all means, which has recently brought forth a single titled “Nadiirit.” 

Hukutus was formed in 2011 and all the members have a long history in other groups, such as Medeia, My Fate, Ghost Voyage and The Cloudycators. Through an extensive honing process we were able to create a raw and organic soundscape for Hukutus, and as a product of that we managed to write a strong album. Now our debut is recorded and in the final stages of mixing. Our single, “Nadiirit”, was released through Spotify in collaboration with Grand Sounds Promotion and Metal Asylum Promotion. Our music is also on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Nadiirit” demonstrates far more than just a superior eye for sound production. The track itself is extremely catchy, in moments unpredictable and most of all abundant of insanity. The lyrical themes offer an abstract view on personal katharsis reflecting the cycles of transmutation. I took the liberty of posting a complete playlist, which features 2 additional tracks that will make you follow Hukutus on the way of releasing their debut full-length. 

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