This installment is dedicated to Swedish black metallers Chalice of Blood who are on the verge of putting out the debut EP “Helig, Helig, Helig.” Read more about the band and their upcoming opus while listening to two exclusive tracks from it below.

Greetings guys! First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. How are you doing?

No worries – thank you for featuring us in your publication. And we are doing quite fine, I believe.

Could you present Chalice of Blood?

Sure. Chalice of Blood is an occult black metal outfit hailing from the country of Sweden, although not from Tyresö or anywhere near that area, as often erroneously stated (verifying or checking any facts does not seem to be a priority of the pseudo-journalists usually writing about us). Whereas the project started out as a very primitive, ritualistic and spontaneous expression of black metal magic, it has now evolved into something more refined – yet with the spirit of the past continuously present. Since 2005, we have released one demo tape (Satanic Propaganda Records, 2005) and two split vinyls, with Arkha Sva (10”, Sigilla Malae, 2009) and Israthoum (7”, Daemon Worship Prods., 2014), and in the near future our first major release, a 5-track 12” MLP (Daemon Worship Prods., 2015), will be available.

With the coming of the new year, your debut EP “Helig, Helig, Helig” is gonna be out. How do you feel about it?

We are indeed very pleased with it. Most of the recordings were completed already some two and a half years ago, so it’s about time. The new MLP is an enormous leap from our previous efforts, not least due to the fact that our last recording session before this took place during Samhain 2006, which certainly is quite a long time ago. It should also be mentioned that this new material is much better produced, mixed and mastered than our earlier releases, and I believe that this makes the listening experience immensely more pleasurable. Well, in short, everything is better this time around.

I’d like to go in-depth in regards to your upcoming EP. How was the recording process going?

It was extremely smooth, as always. The two instrumentalists of the band met up for a few days in 2012 in order to put the backing tracks on tape, and then the vocals were added at a later date. The main recording sessions are always very easy and frictionless for us, since we have a shared musical intuition and a common understanding of what we want to achieve. It is usually also a highly creative milieu, where many elements, if not full songs, are crafted there and then. However, this time around we had somewhat more material prepared than we usually do, but since we recorded no less than 7 new tracks over two or three days, this was most likely a highly necessary course of action.

Could you elaborate a bit more on the lyrical direction you’ve taken?

The MLP, or any of the other newer songs, are not tied together as a concept album or as a conceptual whole in that sense, so there is no one direction that has been taken. Still, there is of course a red thread that permeates all of our work, both past and present. The lyrics are all dealing with different aspects of esoteric and religious practice and thought, as well as the spiritual worship of Death. However, sprawling themes aside, all five tracks from the MLP were conceptually integrated into the brilliant front cover artwork courtesy of Brianvdp – where each respective lyric were mirrored in one single image.

Is there any hidden message?

As our lyrics primarily deal with what is nowadays commonly known as esotericism, there might, at least in the popular sense, certainly be an implication of “secrecy” involved. Following the ancient usages of the term, the esoteric has often been referred to as something hidden from the majority, as a secret accessible only to a small group of initiates. But in historical reality, many of these esoteric teachings has in fact never been concealed, and in the extended last century some even gained wide currency in popular discourses. Such is also the case with our so-called message: it has not been particularly hidden in any sense of the word, but rather available to one and all. Our lyrics are however oftentimes written in a metaphorical language, referring and relating to a spiritual reality beyond rational description and tangible existence.

Where did you primarily draw inspiration from during the writing stage?

The primary influences, on a general level, are the occult sciences or arts, and more specifically, magic and alchemy. Yet for the music, there are of course some profane sources of inspiration as well, such as previous masterpieces within the musical genre in which we are active. There is also some very clear intertextuality between a few of our lyrics and previous works of art in the wider sense, including film and literature. In other words, we are inspired by certain other undertakings aligned with ours, striving towards similar goals of spiritual attainment.

Are you planning on doing a live premiere for the new EP? If yes, where?

There is nothing concrete planned at the moment, but we have started to contemplate the option of perhaps performing live at some point in the future. There was actually a very interesting offer coming our way recently that caused this spark, but unfortunately it fell through in the end. We are primarily interested in playing abroad though, since there is not really a suitable climate for live shows in this kind of music, or many other genres for that matter, in our home country.

By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that you haven’t released a full-length yet. Is this somewhere on your schedule?

That is correct, but no – not really. I don’t know exactly what our next move will be yet, but a proper full-length album is most likely a few years away, and will probably also be a few years in the making. Not just because we need time to compose the material and write the lyrics, but also because it takes a lot of time, sometimes years, to actually get something published when you are at this level in the so-called music industry that we are at right now. “Helig, Helig, Helig” could have been ready and released already two years ago, you see.

Alright guys. Once again thanks for the chat. I leave you the final words.

Thank you. Be sure to check out our upcoming 12” MLP on Russian/American up-and-coming record label Daemon Worship Productions. It will be available in two different versions, limited oxblood/black splatter vinyl or regular black vinyl, and can be ordered from

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