Cepheide is one of those bands that I’ve followed closely since the dawn of their existence. Throughout the path of their growth, I had the pleasure of following in their footsteps and document their progress, which you can experience yourself; their debut demo “De silence et de suie” and EP  “Respire“, both available in their entirety. Anyway, in today’s post, I’d like to share my thoughts on their first full-length called “Saudade“, which is available in its fullest at the bottom of this page.


Speaking of stylistic approach, the french quartet hasn’t really changed majorly. Their latest piece of work is firmly rooted in the atmospheric sub-genre, however exploring the furthermost depths of it. Regardless how overly-saturated it might be, thus challenging artists to come up with new ideas, Cepheide managed to uncover more of its potential and pour it out with ease. In 40 minutes distributed between 5 tracks, you will be completely overwhelmed by immensely thick atmosphere and emotion that grows at unimaginable speed. 

Among a number of amazing qualities that “Saudade” offers on the table, the one that instantly captured me is its spellbinding charisma. It does not take long to realize that these aerial soundscapes unlock a door to an inner serenity. As if it somehow reaches to one’s higher self, thus open up to such a degree that each track feels like a whole voyage on its own and it is bloody consuming. It is up to you whether you can call it being in a state of carried away or in fact a higher, out of the body experience. Whatever you choose, one is for sure; this album has a strong clutch and it couldn’t be more addictive to stick to the replay button.

Cepheide - Saudade / support black metal

Apart from the dominant ethereal presence,  “Saudade” does have an abundant variety of subtle melodies making the listening session interesting enough to go on exploring more of its riches. Coherence is a key component making the transitions between the tracks so gentle yet well bound together creating a sense of oneness. I cannot bypass the production itself as it is art on its own. From the engaging cover artwork based on an abstract theme as I see it,  to the solid mastering that maintains a balanced sound quality making it easier to distinguish the elegance of each musical component building up the songs. A great attention has been put into making sure that all these intense emotions are properly encapsulated and carried through the listener with absolutely no hassle.

Cepheide’s Saudade” reaffirms that with hard work and undying passion, there is no obstacles that can put out the fires of creativity. These guys are full of spirit, stronger than ever and mature to compose stellar material that captures the mind, the body and the soul. In today’s numb world, we need intelligent music like this that excels with variety, musicianship and art. Such that inspires yourself to get up your ass and become the creator of something grandeur. 

Note: Physical copies and other sorts of merch are available directly on Cepheide’s Bandcamp page. Support the band via the player below! 

Independent release
Available for purchase as of 4th October 2017
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