For this article I have been inspired by the newborn French formation Cepheide and their demo “De Silence Et De Suie”(translates “Silence and Soot”). After years of practicing in the shadows, this band has gathered enough strength and courage to show what they got under their belt. Cepheide’s members come from different musical backgrounds and that is evident in their mixed sound of diverse inspirations. Unique in its own way, cold and drenched in melancholy, “De Silence Et De Suie” is a perfect companion for the Autumn days. 

Usually I avoid comparing bands but this time I couldn’t resist it since I’ve found some resemblance with the last Woods of Desolation record “As The Stars”.  Very similar approach has been undertaken in terms of the austere mastering, which evokes strong melancholic emotions and distress. An interesting fact is that Cepheide purposely avoided polishing up the songs’s quality because they wanted to recreate the original state of their work; very much like the moments they rehearse. The vocal technique reminds of depressive suicidal black metal, which is associated with intense cries of hopelessness. In this particular case, it is in a lighter form and rounds up the soundscapes, so that there’s nothing more you could possibly want.

“De Silence Et De Suie” is a decent debut that enriches the progressively expanding pool of awesome amotpheric black metal bands. There is not much more to say except enjoy the demo and keep supporting the underground.

Note: You can purchase a fan t-shirt on Cepheide’s bandcamp page.

CepheideDe Silence Et De Suie
Independed, release: 27.07.2014
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1. A la Croisée des Ames
2. Là où les Idoles demeurent
3. L’Homme Ruine
4. Deluge

Total running time: 30:18