Nordafrost are one of those German Black Metal bands that have always succeeded in sticking out of the masses without having to be experimental or drifting off into the avant-garde. Launched in Hagen (Westphalia) in 1996, they committed themselves to Black Metal of Nordic coinage. In 2013, the long sold-out demo Dominus Frigoris (2002) was re-released via Godeater Records as digi-edition with six bonus tracks – and it’s a good pennyworth!

The first half is, as said, the old Dominus Frigoris demo, and that’s first and foremost fast, hard and cold as ice. I remember listening to those songs for the first time around 2002/ 2003, and then and now my verdict is: Very good German Black Metal. The remastering by Matthias Klinkmann is an excellent job and adds even more quality to the sound. The next 21 minutes I just spent in the past, and songs like “Autumn’s Armageddon” with it’s catchy refrain are well remembered.
A highlight is certainly the drumming, always very fast and delivered to the point. Not just monotone blastbeat but lots of variation here. The compositions convince with really well placed breaks that prevent Nordafrost from becoming too repetitive. Nordafrost_LineUp_2013_1

The second half of Dominus Frigoris are six bonus tracks, taken from different releases. Very interesting is the direct comparison of both versions of “Frozen Paths”, you can follow the band’s development in nuce. “Leichenduft” is a before unreleased Depression cover (I won’t comment on the German lyrics!), that’s a dirty piece of groovy Grind, and “The Victorious” really kicks ass.

Over all, Nordafrost did very well on the re-release. One or two new songs would have been nice, though!

Nordafrost – Dominus Frigoris
Godeater Records (re-release 31.05.2013), 10,00 Euro
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1. Battle of the Winterhordes
2. Lyn Og Torden
3. Nocturnal Cult
4. Autumn’s Armagedoon
5. Only Shades Remain
6. The Rising
7. Assault (Split-EP To our Forefathers with Unlight, 2005)
8. Frozen Paths (2005)
9. Leichenduft (Depression-Cover,2005, first release)
10. The Victorious (2010)
11. Through Depths of Cold (2010)
12. Frozen Paths 1997

Total: 46 minutes