Abandoned Dreams are a Munich-based formation that produces an ultracomplex, very doomy sound they call “Blackened Doom Metal”. Founded in 2009, they shared stages with Agalloch, Fen and Inquisition, just to mention a few. In November 2013, they released their second album Isolation and Solitude, thus creating one heavy piece of darkness and despair!

“If Yesterday was the last Day”, the opening song on Isolation and Solitude, starts immediately, without an intro, and pushes you over the edge and into the sound cosmos of this really extraordinary band. Welcome to an ice cold winter world, where the sun is only a feeble memory. Welcome in the midst of long lost dreams and hopes! It is really unbelievable how dense the atmosphere on Isolation and Solitude is; something of a specialty of Abandoned Dreams. Compared to their first album Ember and Frost, Isolation and Solitude is much darker and colder, and every single tune carries total despair. Isolation and Solitude sucks every ray of sunlight out of your heart, so be warned: Don’t listen to it whenever you’re feeling down or depressed!

And yet, this monster of darkened doom lets you hope from time to time: As soon as you’re able to make yourself at home inside all this darkness, it embraces you like a long lost brother and makes you feel comfortable. The rather fast songs on Isolation and Solitude are the ones that impressed me most; songs like the already mentioned opener, or “Under a mourning Sky”, that lets you rest after the first few minutes, just to get heavy again. Blastbeats are surely not Abandoned Dreams trademark, but the fast parts also come naturally and are integrated into the whole composition very harmonically. Generally speaking, the technical level is very high and absolutely remarkable, and they manage to bring that on stage 1:1.

After almost an hour in this gloomy universe, following a tale of ups, downs, changes and secludedness in a frozen nature, you’re thrown back into the real world, with only a taste of putrid lingering on your tongue to remind you that this arrival is only a temporary one. Abandoned Dreams create that sort of music you don’t listen to while doing other stuff. You need time for this, time to get into the complex songs, time to catch the spirit of Isolation and Solitude – and you’ll be rewarded with an unique experience!

Abandoned Dreams – Isolation & Solitude
Self-recorded, November 2013 – 13,00 Euro (buy directly from the band)


1. If Yesterday was the last Day
2. Changing the Seasons
3. And then I died
4. All Stories End (Pt. 1)
5. All Stories End (Pt. 2)
6. Under a mourning Sky
7. Feeling home in Solitude
8. We all die alone
9. The longest Road / The darkest Way
10. A Waypoint of no Return
11. Light

Total: 52 minutes

Credits photos: Twilightheart/ sheol-magazine.com / source photo: Abandoned Dreams