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blut aus nord dehn sora

The Somber Art of Dehn Sora

Vincent Petitjean / Dehn Sora is a French artist, photographer and musician whose work I respect tremendously. I discovered his amazing talent through some of his artworks that decorate...
Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 13

Check out the art of Luciana Nedelea

Art is a complex fusion of emotions, different states of the mind and energy combined altogether. Its shades cannot be given a number as the human creativity is continuously...
Jeff Grimal art 7

Of Alien Worlds and Torment: The Art of Jeff Grimal

Many people question the meaning of life and to me, art is one of the first answers. This is why I try my best to promote artists and their...
black metal artworks

Black Metal Cover Art series: I

It was about time to pay our homage to some of the most amazing cover art pieces out there. Here comes a new category coming with the first ever...

From the tomb: The art of Mark Riddick

Some say that traditional art is becoming obsolete given the advancing of creative technologies. However, there is a man who has continuously disregarded such statements with his unique approach...
Akhlys - The Dreaming I

Black Metal Cover Art series: II

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since I posted the first installment of "Black Metal Cover Art series." Frankly, one of the many reasons to postpone the...