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In today’s installment, I’d like to present the very talented gentleman Arthur Kornovics and his breathtaking photo shoots. He hails from Romania; a country that’s well known for its haunting legends and stunning nature inspiring hundreds, if not thousands of people everyday. He’s been kind enough to let us take a look behind the lenses of his camera and share an insight about his passion. I’ve had a small interest in photography when I was in high school. The school itself had a dark room for developing and my first teacher who also was myRead More
Jeff Grimal art 7
Many people question the meaning of life and to me, art is one of the first answers. This is why I try my best to promote artists and their work because it is the ultimate form of inspiration and salvation altogether.  In the 5th edition of artist spotlight, I’d like to present Jeff Grimal and his surreal worlds displayed on traditional canvas. Nowadays, it’s becoming lesser likely to bump into creatives who instead of a graphics tablet rely on oil. “It’s all about taking things faster” is the general responseRead More

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From the tomb: The art of Mark Riddick

Some say that traditional art is becoming obsolete given the advancing of creative technologies. However, there is a man who has continuously disregarded such statements with his unique approach of getting inked sick ideas onto paper. Mark Riddick has conceived truly gruesome and sickening cover artworks for the black/death metal underground since 1991! His black ‘n white inking of monstrosities can hardly ever be mistaken. Brutality, unholiness and pure evil embedded in every stroke build up each of Mark’s pieces to the final outcome. His client list include some ofRead More
Luciana Nedelea - Artworks 13

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Check out the art of Luciana Nedelea

Art is a complex fusion of emotions, different states of the mind and energy combined altogether. Its shades cannot be given a number as the human creativity is continuously evolving, searching and creating artistry. In today’s installment, I’ll introduce an enormously talented artist such as Luciana Nedelea from Romania.  To breath life into the most offbeat, wicked and surreal ideas… I discovered Luciana’s amazing work while digging up black metal art. Eventually, my curiosity led me to a side project of Saor’s mastermind called Fuath. It was hard for me to determineRead More
Akhlys - The Dreaming I

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Black Metal Cover Art series: II

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I posted the first installment of “Black Metal Cover Art series.” Frankly, one of the many reasons to postpone the new episode of this art-dedicated sequence is because of how picky I am when it comes to visual design. To me, a successfully communicating artwork embodies creativity, broad-mindedness, brush mastery over level 99999 and originality. Many of my cover expeditions ended shortly after the beginning for I was overwhelmed by the same old shit: inverted images of guys wearing corpse paint,Read More
black metal artworks

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Black Metal Cover Art series: I

It was about time to pay our homage to some of the most amazing cover art pieces out there. Here comes a new category coming with the first ever created gallery on this zine. We will publish more galleries over the time, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the last articles. Meanwhile, get started with this one. Featured bands: Abazagorath, Abnabak, Amnis Nihili, Astral Winter, Borgne, Ceremonial Castings, Elffor, Lychgate, Horned Almighty, Svart Crown and Totalselfhatred. Support the bands listed in here by liking and spreading their art with fellow blackRead More