Blut aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meae / support black metal

When it comes to black metal that knows no boundaries, Blut aus Nord seem to appear at the top row. It is not for the atypical approach that the band makes use of when writing their material, but rather the deepness of it. Today, a new chapter follows, digging further down into a wretched human mind, namely “Deus Salutis Meae” or “God of my Salvation“.  This 10-piece full-length enters a new realm of the occult where disharmony reigns. Twisted, mind-bending and outright demented chants from figures unseen to the naked eye. An emergence from the depths where torture takes a greater toll beyond one’s comprehension.  

As with their previous releases, Debemur Morti Productions will be your main source where you can purchase the album starting from 27 October. As much as I want to tell you more, or else share a tune or two, it is still too early. Regardless, you can throw an eye at the track list and cover art below. When “Deus Salutis Meae” goes live on Blut aus Nord’s Bandcamp, I will update this post and re-share it again. Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe, follow on Twitter & G+ for more updates.

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Track list:

1. δημιουργός
2. Chorea Macchabeorum
3. Impius
4. γνῶσις
5. Apostasis
6. Abisme
7. Revelatio
8. ἡσυχασμός
9. Ex Tenebrae Lucis
10. Métanoïa

Blut aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meae / support black metal


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