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A blast from the recent past: Darkenhöld and Sühnopfer

Surprisingly, there are lots of folks out there who still appreciate and support artists who release their albums the old fashioned way – tapes. So I decided to dedicate this quick writing to all individuals who enjoy listening to black metal through their cassette players rather than any other kind of media, which is popular nowadays. I have picked two records, one of which some of you might be already familiar with [read Darkenhöld – “Castellum” review] and Sühnopfer’s “Offertoire.” What’s common about these two is that they are absolutely mind-blowing epic/melodic black albums, both released through LADLO Productions in tapes. I strongly recommend you to check them out as they demonstrate top-notch quality and are among the best of the best French records for 2014. 

Buy “Castellum” | Buy “Offertoire” tape

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