10 Ideal Reasons To Do The Right Thing In The Weekend

Yet another week passed by in a blink of an eye and I am extremely happy not just because in the next few days I will be able to sleep more but for the love of…Antichrist, I will get to listen to new/never heard before releases. 

I gotta tell you, despite social networks suck big time due to the overly-saturated crap that is being posted every nanosecond, there is, however, valuable content in between and only those who see with their eyes open wide will capture the real deal.

So, in today’s Black Metal Saturday edition, I have picked 10 bands/albums that easily blew me away like a hurricane does everything on its way with full force! Beware, though, this is NOT a list with 2016 releases or upcoming ones etc.  I’ve randomly selected every single one of these based on a very simple fact – they affected me greatly and I do hope for you to experience those special moments out of this black metal journey to the full extend. 

Instead of wasting your precious time, take advantage of the 10 bands listed below as 10 ideal reasons to the right thing in the weekend – relax, forget about the weekly pressure that is on you and enjoy yourself. Simple as that..

Now, go to a silent place if possible, tune up your musical system and dive into the world of shadows. It’s Black Metal Saturday after all!

PS: Crap, I didn’t keep my promise for the lengthy text, did I?

Morphinist – Dustlife | Follow


Minenwerfer – Nihilistischen | Follow


Vargnatt – Grausammler | Follow


Xanthochroid – Incultus​-​2011 | Follow


Wederganger – Halfvergaan Ontwaakt | Follow


Anicon – Aphasia | Follow


Grafvitnir – Necrosophia | Follow


Bölzer – Aura | Follow


VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum | Follow


Eternal Valley – Ascend To The Unknown | Follow