I did promise a major update for this weekend and there you go! Black Metal Saturday S2 is here – the second “season” of this series begins. For those of you who are not aware of what the heck this is, well let me put it as brief as possible: 10 weekends – 100 bands/albums of absolutely free streaming! Best of all? Underground only! Feel free to check out the first round in case you haven’t. Now, let’s get this going!

Ritual – The Summoning | Follow

Back in 1995, US-based coven Ritual achieved a milestone with their debut album “The Summoning.” They wrote a first class melodic black metal masterpiece that captures the grim presence of the darkest ages of humanity. The track list consists of 9 winterborne songs that will blow your mind with an array of splendid riffage and awe-inspiring symphonic passages creating a truly bleak atmosphere. This album is not only reminiscent of the golden age of this genre, it preserves it to this day! 


Hermóðr – The Scent of Autumn | Follow

Hermóðr is a one-man Swedish act that was conceived in 2012. From that point on, the band has been highly productive having released a number of singles, EPs, splits and full-lengths. Sometimes, even several releases in just one year! “The Scent of Autumn” in particular, a 1-piece EP stole my heart right away because it is the very embodiment of a beautiful autumnal scenery. Very emotional, full of sorrow and grief. If you seek atmospheric black metal that triggers all your senses at the same time, then this 20-minute journey is a must-have. 


Panychida – Haereticalia – The Night Battles | Follow

When a band has the capacity and broad vision to combine a state of high-end art including superior song writing, storytelling and production, then it is likely that an evergreen album will be born. Panychida, a Czech Republic fellowship is what I believe have done when it comes to their latest masterpiece called “Haereticalia – The Night Battles“. The album is built upon a multi-faceted foundation wherein you will depict blends of classic orchestral music, harsh epic black metal ingredients and heady acoustics. The quality of this release is admiring! Hats off.


Kvltist – Catechesis | Follow

Kvltist’s debut “Catechesis” is part of the expansive roster of World Terror Committee, which I’d nominate for one of the best labels for occult black metal. And this German duo adds up more value to the ever growing underground community, which is solely dedicated to studying, preaching and challenging forces beyond the human cognition. “Catechesis” is an offering of 7 hymns in honour of the Devil and his reign. Kvltist’s craft not only does sound but also feels like an actual grim ritual of bloodshed and demonic allegiance. Great production, immersive technical instrumentalism and profound vocals. An excellent choice for connoisseurs of the darkest sub-genres of extreme metal. 


Nocturnal Pestilence – Evangelium Aeternum | Follow

Female-fronted act Nocturnal Pestilence is another Czech Republic creator of worthy blackened music that I’d like to point out today. Their debut “Evangelium Aeternum” is a fine example of black metal imbued with dreamy symphonies and vocals balancing between harsh and clean singing. The final outcome consists of 6 tracks of a total of nearly 46 minutes absolute badassary! The beauty of this record is how gently shapeshifts into a savage beast and then back to an innocent beauty, as it were. For a split second it may even sound romantic yet subsequently a whole torrent of aggression is unleashed. A pure act of superiority! 


Brünndl – S/T 

Italian trio Brünndl draws inspiration from folklore and paganism in general. Their latest self-titled album is unmistakably a classic pagan black metal embodiment wherein each passage tells a story. Its bittersweetness is due to the abrasive production and the successfully interpreted folk influence through the prism of metal. All those melodies and the unabated ferocity are so striking that it’s hardly possible not to appreciate them. Personally, this one is among the highlights of 2016! 


Sarastus – II – Toinen Tuleminen | Follow

An admiring beginning is how I’d describe the first full-length of Finland’s Sarastus titled “II-Toinen Tuleminen“. The band is masterminded by two individuals whose mutual interest in the aspects of death, nature and occultism is reflected in their initial opus. What stands out in the first place is the mature song writing and splendid production that makes it easy for the captivating instrumentals and overwhelming vocals to shine through. You will be instantly hit by the hypnotic melodious tremelo riffs that are capable of erasing the perception of time while keeping you glued to your headphones. 


Natvre’s – Wrath | Follow

In 2015, Hellenic 3-piece band Natvre’s wrote a completely devastating debut whose aptly chosen title “Wrath” is the fundamental ingredient that makes it be. Right upon starting the 1st track, its unstable core bursts into a violent surge of incurable madness that consumes everything on its way. There is no other way to exemplify what it is all about except for a complete and utter wrath! Get angry!


Torture Chamber – Qayin [Free download] | Follow

Although, Torture Chamber is no longer among the living, their legacy still lives on! I’ve had the pleasure to bump into their latter EP “Qayin” whose track list is comprised of 4 songs that clock at 26 minutes of poisonous sonic terror. The nature of the EP explores the furthermost depths of radical anti-religious views and screaming bloody violence. Thus, the compositions themselves are orgiastic and so hateful that makes your blood boil. Recommended for fans of the oldschool vein! 


Imha Tarikat – Kenoboros [Free download] | Follow

Out of the darkest pit of nowhere comes the German entity Imha Tarikat whose debut “Kenoboros” was released this January. The EP compiles 4 incredibly sinister songs that reek of profound anguish and never ending torment. With all these mesmerizing riffs and distinct vocals enhancing the depth of disheartenment, the band tears wide open the soul to pieces and cuts loose a stream of dark emotions. Excellent beginning of a hopefully rich and fruitful discography.