Hello folks and welcome back to the 9th edition of Black Metal Saturday. Yes, 9th means 90 bands featured already in just this sequence! By now, you should have explored quite a big number of awesome bands and in today’s installment, we are continuing in the same vein. 10 bands, 10 albums, plenty of awesome stuff. Let’s get started! 

Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Dunkla Herrarna 

Bekëth Nexëhmü is a one-man Swedish black metal band whose craft is raw and atmospheric by nature. The band’s debut album “De Dunkla Herrarna” descends the listener into complete and utter darkness while the process feels like nothing short but pure enlightenment. 



Finnish folks were born to be grandmasters at creating some of the most engaging releases on the planet. Hämys are no exception to this. In its primitiveness, the trio’s 2014 EP “KISIKILLILLVKX” will capture you with superb riffs, absolutely outstanding acoustics and mesmerizing clean singing. Served cold and embraced by the dark!


Isolfur – Pfad des Canis Lupus | Follow

I feel like it’s impossible to skip Germany simply because there is always exciting new or long forgotten bands that await to be discovered by the ever thirsty black metal souls. Isolfur is the alternative translation of underground and straight to the point dark extreme music. The band’s first born “Pfad des Canis Lupus” stands out with awesome melodies that resemble the 90’s glory of this genre.  Do check it out!


Frozen Forest – Ancient Ritual | Follow

Frozen Forest, a Croatian trio of servants of the Serpent Order  that have unleashed their debut album “Ancient Ritual” in 2016 and it should definitely be honoured a listen. Best fit for fans who enjoy tight production and traditional Northern black metal. 


Throane – Derrière​-​Nous, La Lumière | Follow

I would have probably delayed sharing Throane’s outstanding emergence if I had not seen a “do follow” post from masters of the avant-garde Blut aus Nord. This band takes extremity to a whole new and disturbing level. While listening to “Derrière​-​Nous, La Lumière” your light will fade away just like the air you will be desperately gasping for. Very oppressive and  obscure album. It diminishes life. It leaves only grieving shadows walking tirelessly into the menacing nothingness..


Darkmoon Warrior – Nuke ‘Em All | Follow

Descending from the night sky to unfold chaos upon the cursed soil, Darkmoon Warrior is a fearsome coven from Germany  that makes no compromises when it comes to their craft. “Nuke ‘Em All” is their 2nd full-length that will mark its 3rd anniversary in November. A classic true black metal release that stands out with a quality production and devastating instrumentalism. Satisfaction guaranteed by World Terror Committee!


Galdr – Ancient Light Of The Stars | Follow

As beautiful and mystic as the stars above, Galdr channels forces of the dark side of nature to create otherworldly music for the ones who crave to embrace the void. “Ancient Light Of The Stars” is the band’s sophomore record exploring the vast, ever growing universe of atmospheric black metal. 


Hålväg – S/T | Follow

US duo Hålväg has delivered an uncompromising self-titled album that is abundant of severity and rawness; a must-listen, if you ask me. Very well written, produced and executed piece of an underground art. 


LVTHN – Eradication of Nescience | Follow

Insidious and highly infectious, LVTHN’s debut album “Eradication of Nescience” gives a new meaning of death being incarnated as a form of extreme music. Total pitch-black! No beauty, moments of peace and so on. This record brings forth the unstoppable creeping shadows to conquer your souls and seed the ancient evil in those who dare to digest this darkly piece of art. 


Norskian Anathium – Autumn Nocturne | Follow

We’ve come to the end of this edition. This time, we will sum up Black Metal Saturday  with a melancholic suggestion by the one and only Norskian Anathium from Russia. Do check out their debut album “Autumn Nocturne” that reeks of hopelessness and bewitching beauty that will unchain your heart once and for all.