Hello folks and welcome to another episode of the SBM’s weekend series Black Metal Saturday. Traditionally, I have picked for you some truly promising albums of a distinctive nature and I believe you will find the one that you’ve been dying to listen to in a lone time. Let’s listen to some good stuff, shall we?

Old Wvrms – Ritae | Follow

Old Wvrms is a Belgian quartet that plays some weirdly awesome fusion of blackened doom and sludge metal. Their debut album “Ritae” has a strong ritualistic vibe, and I am sure it will appeal to those among you who are interested in the occult side of extreme metal. 


Theudho – The Völsunga Saga | Follow

We are not done with Belgium yet cause there is another badass band that I would like to point your attention at. Theudho is a one-man pagan black metal act which has been active since 2003! I’ve come across the band’s sophomore full-length titled “The Völsunga Saga” whose tracklist includes 12 amazing tales that project epic scenes right before your eyes. 


Caveman Cult – Savage War is Destiny 

Caveman Cult has come out of the dark with a barbarian assault leaving countless bodies behind! If you are looking for brutal and sickening music to pump demonic rage into your veins , then make sure you listen to their debut album “Savage War is Destiny.” This is the ultimate sound of terror cried  out by a horde of devastating war machines!


The Lost Sun – Spectral Voice From Newborn Star | Follow

Spectral Voice From Newborn Star” is a title of an album that describes perfectly what the music is all about. A cosmic journey projected through The Lost Sun’s visions on space. It is a micro universe on its own and the more you dive into it, the more stunning galaxies you will reach.


Withered – Grief Relic | Follow (Full album available on Youtube)

I’ve gotta tell you, when I saw the cover artwork of Withered’sGrief  Relic“, I thought I was about to listen to some kind of an epic/pagan black metal album but the moment I played the track below, I got struck as surprised. This is, in fact a savage blackened death metal gem that brings mass destruction from the very beginning of the tracklist and becomes more intense over time. Furthermore, it is possibly one of the best 2016 releases by Season of Mist, in my opinion. 

Godsfury – TTST 

It’s getting very common to bump into bands who combine grindcore, black metal and crust shaping a brand new genre that takes extremism in music to a whole new level. I fucking love that! Godsfury is an example for such a dangerous blend. Check out their 3-pieces album called “TTST.”


Wolfpack 44 – The Scourge | Follow

Industrial madness Wolfpack 44 was conceived in 2012 but the very first album of theirs appeared this year and, man, it is quite a debut. “The Scourge” is like a big bang that comes out of nowhere and inflicts mind terror that will plague you for a long time. Incredibly well executed and catchy!


Thränenkind – King Apathy | Follow

Thränenkind’sKing Apathy” is an album that is meant to reach the deep thinkers among underground black metal fans. It is a beautiful and emotional record whose message is addressed to the urban souls who feel industrial civilization brings more oppression rather than freedom.


Wall of Water – S/T 

It is hard to describe Wall of Water’s music because it embodies multiple universes at the same time that have been interconnected in such a brilliant way that makes you come to a loss of words. Their self-titled album is a form of ascension above all pre-defined standards and shines upon the soil as a newborn bright star that is located in the furthermost undiscovered corners of space. Perfect for people who are on the look for bands that strive to push the limits all the time.


Ungoliantha – Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death | Follow

The last mention for this edition is dedicated to Ukrainian act Ungoliantha and their first born record “Through The Chaos, Through Time, Through The Death.” A promising record inspired by the glorious times of the 90s wave. 



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