Hello guys and welcome to the 7th edition of Black Metal Saturday. It’s hard to believe that this series alone has featured more than 70 bands already! Today, I have gathered an exciting new collection of bands & albums, so let’s waste no more time and get to listening.

Daat – There Are None So Blind As Those That Will Not See | Follow

Knowledge comes when you walk down the path towards the unknown and bear the fruits of what’s to come your way. Daat, Russian-based quartet share their journey to spiritual ascendency through their firstborn EP “There Are None So Blind As Those That Will Not See“; an occult-themed  release that unlocks the gates to powers beyond imagination. 


Nachash – Conjuring The Red Death Eclipse | Follow

Creeping darkness consuming everything on its way. This is how I would summarize the debut EP of Norwegian trio Nachash whose title is “The Read Death Eclipse.” Devoid of fancy effects and abundant of minimalism, this record successfully entangles the oldschool approach that is well familiar to most of us with a unique vibe that gets a hold on you from start to end, almost like being seduced by a primordial spell. Celebrate the glorious past! 


Mornië Utúlië – Forever Dark Dreams | Follow

Wondering the deepest and furthermost landscapes of the mind, Mornië Utúlië sets at large the experiences out of his journey in a deeply atmospheric mini album consisting of 3 tracks unified under the title “Forever Dark Dreams.” It is a gift for people who are deep thinkers, always reaching towards the darkest end with the hope of finding relief. 


Der Rote Milan – Seelenasche | Follow

Little is known about Der Rote Milan except for being a German act that has made available to the public a single track titled “Seelenasche” bearing an enormous potential giving enough reasons to keep an eye on their upcoming stuff. Very catchy and infectious melodies uplifting an abyssal range that will devour the last remnants of light in your life.


Vindland – Hanter Savet | Follow

Epic melodic black metal grandeur “Hanter Savet“, the debut full-length of Norwegians Vindland will melt your heart and soul right upon clicking the play button. Extremely awesome, capturing the beauty of some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Norway and telling mesmerizing tales of the Nordic folklore in 9 tracks  is one of the best treats you could have on a Saturday. 


Virium – Mortui Resurgent | Follow

With the fall of dusk, Virium arise with their pestilential armada to spread night terror amongst the mere mortals. “Mortui Resurgent“, their debut album is a perfect choice for the black/thrash headbanger who is dying to recharge with a solid dose of aggression. Consume!


Malum – Awakening of the Black Flame | Follow

Upon playing the 1st track of “Awakening of the Black Flame“, the light slowly gets diminished and the presence of the servants of the black art Malum will seduce the listener into a black magic conjuring the inner void. Ignite the flame, let the obscurity take over!


Near – The Opening of the Primordial Whirl 

Italian black metal scene continues to develop highly potent music for the underworld societies and one of the 1st examples I will point you at is Near’s debut full-length “The Opening of the Primordial Whirl.” Legends come to live through 8 enchanting compositions that can easily get under your skin. Catchy melodic riffage packed in Northern-inspired vibe – must-listen! 


Kalmankantaja – Waldeinsamkeit | Follow

Death bearers Kalmankantaja have been busy lately. These guys pulled out 2 full albums this year, one of which “Waldeinsamkeit” covered in this edition. There is a special meaning added to this album and despite how grim and cold by nature is, it brings much solace. Beautiful continuation of a death saga that will only capture the hearts of those damned souls who find peace in melancholy. 


Mésalliance – Ère Rance | Follow

Emotional restraint is no more when “Ère Rance” conquers your mind and unleashes feelings that have been rooted somewhere deep down. Very sorrowful piece of art combining the black metal obscurity and hopelessness in an excellent first release by French band Mésalliance. Do check it out! 


Plutonium – Born Again Misanthrope | Follow

Normally, industrial black metal is not my cup of tea, however, one-man band Plutonium has done a terrific job with the brand new album “Born Again Misanthrope” and I strongly recommend it! It may get you to like yet another sub-genre of the vast universe characterized as black metal.


Chainerdog – Daemoniacal | Follow

Chainerdog is probably one of the oddest band names I have ever encountered but you should not be mislead by it! There is a hidden treasure behind it and only those who dare to look for it will find the true meaning of “Daemoniacal.” Fast, aggressive and oppressing demonic ride into the netherworld. Hop in!


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