As the Sun rises above the soil and casts its rays upon it, the flaming demons awaken and prepare their horrific weapons of destruction to scorch the living. I know, I know, too many movies may lead to an irrelevant opening of the new episode of Black Metal Saturday. But that’s okay, ’cause you know what, you are going to get blown away by this brand new selection of random picks that I wanted to share somewhere along line but I had not been able to.

With the new episode, I decided to add a little something to the series that will hopefully make the them even better. To put it simply, I have added short commentary under each of the picks to exemplify why I decided to include them.  Let’s start, shall we?

Note: Do me a favour and turn up the volume as much as possible!


Manetheren – Time | Follow

When you see a lineup featuring the name Thorns (Blut aus Nord, Acherontas, Deathrow), this instantly means that you may have discovered a brand new gem. This guy knows no boundaries when it comes to contributing to multiple black metal projects at the same time, 99 % of which worth to be added to your timeless collection of masterpieces. “Time” or Manetheren’s 4th album is a journey in a spectral realm shrouded in dense fog where you can see grieving shadows of the past, present and future walking beside you. Deeply atmospheric, excellently written and produced album dedicated to those who have a fine taste in music.


Bloodrain – Bloodrain V: Adora Satanae 

Bloodrain reminded me of those glorious times when I used to headbang insanely and feel reborn afterwards. Their 5th brand new album “Bloodrain V: Adora Satanae” is a form of satanic blackened thrash terrorism that begins to assault your senses right from beginning! It gets you crazy as if  you get injected with madness while listening to track by track.  I strongly recommend this one if you feel like pressure is taking over or you just want to burst into craziness for it’s fucking Saturday! Awaken the anger and rebellious spirit inside you and let it out.


The Secret – Agnus Dei | Follow

Can you imagine what it would be if a hate bomb is slowly growing inside you and suddenly, while you are out doing your thing, you just explode and wipe out 100 bastards that used to plague your life? This is how The Secret made me feel after I stumbled upon this hateful and totally devastating 4th full-length “Agnus Dei.” The mixture of grindcore and black metal results in an outcome that resembles a dangerous serum; as soon as it gets into your body, it will make your skins peal off leaving your bare nerves exposed to the outside world. What will follow next? Maybe savage killing spree, huh?


Moonreich – Terribilis Est Locus Iste | Follow

Moonreich paints a number of terrific pictures that exemplify the horror during times of war and the heart-breaking aftermath. This is the band’s 2nd full-length that makes no compromises when it comes to overall quality. “Terribilis Est Locus Iste” is a form of inextinguishable hatred spanning throughout 9 tracks and if you ask me, it cannot get darker than this. Fast, brutal, devastating!


Heretique – Ore Veritatis | Follow

By now, you should have reached a state of total mental instability. Let’s keep that up with Heretique and  their debut  release “Ore Veritatis!” If you take a liking to blackened death metal with elements of thrash here and there, well, you know what to do. Beware! Heretique does not tread softly. They emerge, beat you to your knees, make you pray and finish you with a final slash. And then your bloody remnants will feed the cracked ground beneath their massive hooves.


Schrei aus Stein – Wanderwege | Follow

Now, let’s put off the raging fires for a while. I’ve recently got my hands on Schrei aus Stein’s latest record “Wanderwege” and I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful arrangements H. Ragen has delivered to the underground audience. This pick is recommended for connoisseurs of ambient black metal born out of one-man forces such as Schrei aus Stein. I find this record remarkably peaceful yet keeping up the darkly presence throughout the entire tracklist.


Nidhöggr – Ragnarök | Follow

What about those among you who crave for oldschool, dirty and primal underground extremism that is far away from the 3rd wave (if I may classify it that way) or the latest albums that came out and differ significantly as regards to the original conception of the genre? You guys are not forgotten and Nidhöggr (featuring Swedish vocalist Nox of Craft) will surely satisfy your thirst. Listen to “Ragnarök“, the band’s debut and let me know or maybe the band what you think. 


Unreqvited – Disquiet (Free download single

Unreqvited have just come out of nowhere and it took my breath away. This band has only released one single titled “Disquiet” which by the way is up on Bandcamp for free downloading.  In only 9 minutes, you will be overwhelmed by such strong emotions of grief and desperation that will probably get a grip on you for a long time. But you know what, you may also find the beauty and comfort in this heart-breaking hymn making you question the means of life, existence and re-think of what’s your purpose.. Feast on the bitterness!


Inmost Winter – S/T | Follow

With the increasing amount of awesome bands emerging from the depths of Greece, the local underground scene is now on a par with Germany and Scandinavia, in my humble opinion. You can do your own research and you’ll see why. Inmost Winter’s self-titled debut demo bears the ” flame” that I seek to feed my soul on and I believe those among you who get inspired by the might and beauty of winter, nature and the darkness above them, you’ll spot the immense potential that this one offers on the table. Be sure to listen to “Rival.” 

Typhoeus – The Black Rivers of the Serpent Dragon | Follow

We are gonna stay in Greece for a while because the last band for this episode has a lot to share. I’ve been contacted by Typhoeus who were kind enough to invite me to listen to a track from their demo “The Black Rivers of the Serpent Dragon.” You know that moment when you exclaim “Wait, what the fuck?! How did I miss out on that?” This is excellence in the shape of unearthly atmospheric set of tunes and enchanting aerial symphonies that will transcend you into another dimension of breath-taking landscapes and supreme darkness. As I said above, do turn up the volume in order to get into the moment. See you in the next episode!